ProConnect Tax Council 2019-20
ProConnect Tax Council 2019-20

Intuit® Tax Council Member Profile: Jamie E. O’Kane, CPA, CTC

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Jamie O'Kane, CPADenver is unique in many ways; it’s exactly one-mile high, has 300 days of sunshine each year and is only one of a few U.S. cities to have seven professional sports teams. It’s also home to Jamie E. O’Kane, CPA, owner of JE O’Kane, CPA, a full-service tax and accounting firm. Jamie is also a member of the Intuit® ProConnect™ Tax Customer Council.

ProConnect: Tell us about your practice.

Jamie E. O’Kane: Our firm focuses on providing advanced tax planning, tax preparation, growth consulting and accounting services for women-owned veterinarian and dental practices, and other business types across the country.

I also run The Abundant Beans Podcast, where we bring to light the struggles, successes and purposes of experienced and inexperienced entrepreneurs all over the world.

ProConnect: Why is the Intuit Tax Customer Council important to the profession?

Jamie E. O’Kane: The Council gets the input of the customer, and helps move the profession forward in a way that is important to all tax professionals and our clients.

ProConnect: What’s your favorite part of being a part of the Council?

Jamie E. O’Kane: Having input on the trajectory of the profession, as well as being part of a group of amazing professionals who are the future of this profession.

ProConnect: What kind of Intuit software do you use?

Jamie E. O’Kane: We currently use Intuit ProConnect ProSeries® and QuickBooks® Online.

ProConnect: What are your goals for your practice in 2020?

Jamie E. O’Kane: We want to expand our advisory services, and help more business owners realize their goals through tax savings and purposeful future planning.

ProConnect: What was your very first job?

Jamie E. O’Kane: Babysitting and helping an elderly neighbor with her grocery shopping. I have always been a “helper.”

ProConnect: Who is your favorite author?

Jamie E. O’Kane: Diana Gabaldon, author of the Outlander series; I am a huge romance novel reader, and her books are some of the best.

ProConnect: If you were stranded on a desert island with access to just one kind of technology, what would it be, and why would you want it?

Jamie E. O’Kane: My Kindle! Reading is my favorite escape.

ProConnect: How can tax professionals keep up with all the changes in tax laws and regulations?

Jamie E. O’Kane: Figure out how to you learn best and schedule out your learning. In addition, having someone else in your office who is technically solid is very important to ensure we are staying on top of all the changes.

ProConnect: Thanks, Jamie.

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