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ProConnect™ Tax Council Member Profile: Colin Horsford, CPA, MBA

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Colin HorsfordSeveral years ago, I asked a colleague to refer me to a tax pro who had a good handle on advisory, investments, and related topics. I was referred to Colin Horsford, and quickly encouraged him to become an author for the Firm of the Future. Since then, he has contributed many times to the blog, as well as to the Intuit® Tax Pro Center. Colin is also one of the newest members of the ProConnect™ Tax Council.

Scott Cytron: Tell our readers about your practice.

Colin Horsford: Horsford Accounting & Advisory provides an array of services, including professional accounting, tax preparation and planning, and financial advisory. We have more than 15 years of industry experience working with small- to medium-sized businesses and startups. We advise clients on mergers & acquisitions, help companies manage their books, maximize tax deductions, and implement revenue strategies to increase profitability.

SC: Why is the ProConnect Tax Council important to the profession?

CH: The Council is important because it plays a role in the products and helps shape customer offerings. As a customer, I can share critical insights and actually be heard.

SC: What kind of Intuit® software do you use?

CH:  We use QuickBooks®, Intuit ProConnect Tax, Mint®, and Credit Karma.

SC: Tell me several ways COVID-19 impacted your firm and/or your clients?

CH: COVID-19 forced my company to close our offices and move to a completely virtual firm for quite a long time. With respect to business, we were able to leverage the significant tax law changes and government stimulus offerings to increase our revenue. We also volunteered to help those impacted, and offered free services for some individuals unable to pay because of a loss of income.

SC: What was your very first job?

CH: I was 15 when I got my very first job at CIBC World Markets in their mutual funds department.

SC: How can tax professionals keep up with all the changes in tax laws and regulations?

CH: Tax professionals should use all the media available to them, whether that’s news, blogs, social media, or newsletters. It’s crucial to stay up to date with all of the recent changes and impending changes under the presidential administration.

SC: If you were stranded on a desert island with access to just one kind of technology, what would it be and why would you want it?

CH: A steam engine so I can make a makeshift boat and get off the island.

SC: Thanks Colin!

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