Happy Tax Day 2019!

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Happy Tax Day, and congratulations on making it through what may have been a challenging tax season!

As you finish up your last few tax-related tasks, take a few minutes to read about four creative deductions that American taxpayers have tried to make over the years.

1. Music lessons

One family succeeded in claiming their child’s instrument as a deductible medical expense because doctors said it could improve an overbite.

music lessons


2. Private jet

A taxpayer tried to write off his purchase of a private jet that he said was necessary to watch over an income-producing, remote rental property. The IRS allowed the man to write off the costs of operating the jet to and from the property as a rental expense.



3. Cat food

One junkyard owner claimed cat food as a deductible expense, contending that it was needed to feed the feral cats, which limit the population of rats and snakes in his yard. The IRS approved the deduction as a valid business expense.



4. Football game

A business associate tried to write off a trip to the “Big Game” in February with clients as a business expense, arguing that it was for building relationships, according to the Tax Crisis Institute. He was not successful in proving that the trip was business related.



I hope you enjoyed these Tax Day deduction fun facts. Now it’s time to enjoy that vacation!

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