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QuickBooks Connect is for Tax Professionals, Too

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You may have heard buzz from your friends and colleagues about QuickBooks® Connect, the big event held every year in San Jose, Calif., that offers training, networking and more. Some people assume that QuickBooks Connect is a conference solely dedicated to QuickBooks training and strictly for bookkeepers or QuickBooks consultants. And that could not be farther from the truth. There are tax related classes too, including:

  • Tax Reform for Bookkeepers: This session will focus on what bookkeepers should know when working with tax pros and conducting year-end activity, and will inform you of the key tax law changes. Jim Buffington, CPA, and Mike D’Avolio, CPA, JD, will present.
  • Tax at QuickBooks ConnectHow to Use Tax Planning to Grow Your Business: Presented by Debra Kilsheimer, this session is designed not only for tax preparers, but for bookkeepers who don’t prepare the tax return. Attendees will become familiar with the tax deductions available and how to offer planning services for clients.
  • How ProConnect™ Tax Online Can Transform Your Practice: Intuit’s product manager for ProConnect Tax Online, Brady Suggs, will partner with a customer to show you how you can transform your practice with this powerful and future-leaning product.
  • Financial Freedom for Freelancers: Join to learn essentials around how to avoid financial “gotchas” and create a solid foundation for future business success that you can use for yourself or to help you advise your clients.
  • Be the CEO of your SEO: This session will teach you how to maximize your website’s search result rankings.

QuickBooks Connect offers a range of topics, including leadership development, business management and inspirational talks. See the full agenda.

Even if you don’t do bookkeeping or QuickBooks consulting, you probably cross paths with QuickBooks Online at tax time. You likely have business clients using QuickBooks Online, and if you have ever tried to get what you need directly out of your client’s QuickBooks Online service, it has likely left you frustrated. That’s because Intuit provides a different, free tool for accounting and tax professionals called QuickBooks Online Accountant for you to use to connect to your clients’ QuickBooks Online subscription. It’s important that you learn not only how to use that tool, but also to get tips to advise your clients, or learn about apps that work with QuickBooks Online that help supplement capabilities that QuickBooks Online may not have out of the box. QuickBooks Connect is a great place to get all of the training you need, just in time for tax season.

QuickBooks Connect and the Lacerte® Tour

Lacerte Live TourIf you are a Lacerte user, you can take advantage of the QuickBooks Connect conference and the Lacerte Live Tour all in the same week in San Jose. Meet with us in San Jose for QuickBooks Connect, and stay for the Lacerte Live Tour. Please note that you will need to register for QuickBooks Connect in addition to registering for this event. Earn up to 13 CPE credits by purchasing the three-day pass.

You will learn about critical changes in tax reform, tax planning and workflow strategies, and program updates to prepare you for tax year 2018. Our team of speakers will share best practices to save time, enhance collaboration with your clients, and better manage the work and deadlines within your office.

By attending this event, you will be able to:

  • Explain implications of Tax Jobs and Cuts Act to your clients.
  • Develop new tax planning strategies for your clients.
  • Offer bundled services for your clients around tax services.
  • Utilize new and existing capabilities in Lacerte to save time preparing returns.
  • Take advantage of the improved integration across tax and accounting.
  • Leverage the practice management features within QuickBooks Online Accountant to manage work in your office.

Editor’s note: Learn more about training from Intuit® ProConnect.

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