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Intuit® ProConnect™ Tax Online Spotlight: Summary Input & Review

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When you return to Intuit® ProConnect™ Tax Online (PTO, formerly Intuit Tax Online) this season, you’ll notice that there are some new options in the navigation menu. There is a new category called View Type and there are two choices, Full and Summary.


The PTO default view is the Full view where you will see all of the data fields on the screen. However, when you choose Summary view, you will only see data fields where data has been entered, either in this tax year or in the prior tax year. The Summary view will appear in the left navigation menu and in the input sheet area. See image below.


Upon hearing the news about the return of this feature, PTO customer Bryce Forney, CPA, said, “Summary Input and Review elevates time efficiency within an input screen, since so many returns are consistent from year to year. Zeroing in on applicable fields helps to more quickly get from start to finish on returns. I’m so glad it’s back for 2016. I recommend other users try it, since the time saving benefits become evident almost immediately.”

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