Giving back to your community
Giving back to your community

Infinite Ways You Can Give Back to the Community

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Ever wonder what your business could do beyond the walls of your tax and accounting practice? As we approach the season of giving and honor Giving Tuesday on Dec. 3, we are reminded of those in need and opportunities we can join to give back to our community.

You can take part any time throughout the year in many different ways. Giving back looks different for every giver and recipient, including donating time, monetary or physical goods to those who are under-resourced in your area. Businesses have the best platform when it comes to giving back in their community.

Where do you begin? There is so much your business can do that most individuals can’t. Partnering with a local nonprofit organization is the best way to start out small. These organizations are on the front lines assisting the under-resourced in your community, and know the best practices of donating time, effort, goods and funds. They can supply volunteer opportunities for you and your employees that fits each individual’s schedule or a collective time each week, month or year. Create opportunities to get everyone involved. For example, you can organize a donation drive hosted at your business with employees and clients.

Organizations benefit from any help you can give, but developing a year-over-year plan to sustain a partnership can make a bigger impact than you could never imagine. Consistency is not always granted in the nonprofit world, especially if you are a small organization, so knowing the people and local businesses that groups can count on helps these groups develop a better plan and budget for their needs.

Another way to give back is to offer your unique skillset. Most organizations consist of providing options to those who are in need of immediate assistance with food, bills, rent, utilities and clothing. Others offer sustainable options for those looking for employment, furthering their education and want to leave the cycle of living off welfare. Each of these types of programs offer great opportunities to make a bigger, lasting impact on an individual or family by having volunteers who can spend time helping with interview preparation, budgeting tools, or studying for a high school degree or higher test.

Here is a list of more ways you can get your business involved in your community:

  • Volunteer at a local food pantry or clothing store each week/month: Help hand out food to families, meet with families to help get them out of the welfare cycle, sort clothes and donate clothes.
  • Offer a year-round donation drive for food.
  • Partner with an organization to help around the holidays.
  • Create your own giving back opportunity by identifying areas or families to help.
  • Help sponsor nonprofit programs in your community; this also helps to get your firm name out.
  • Offer assistance by using your firm’s skills with free tax preparation or assistance, budgeting classes/mentoring, or employment opportunities for those who are under-resourced.
  • Be part of a job fair, helping with interviewing prep or resume writing.
  • Partner with a local school: Help with career advancement classes, work with the counselor to help with food assistance for kids who only eat while they are at school, and help get teachers and administration ready each school year by setting up classrooms, painting and other chores.

The ways you can give back to your community are endless. These are just a few options to get you started. Writing a check is great, but remember that you and your firm have a great deal to offer. Don’t limit yourself only to those who can walk through your door. Expand your impact beyond your walls!

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