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How Do You Decompress After Busy Season?

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After a long tax season, everyone needs to take some personal time and regroup. Here are some go-to activities for several of our Intuit® ProConnect™ Tax Pro Center authors after busy season ends. Enjoy!

Bruce Andersen, CPA Andersen CPA Firm

“On the night of April 18, I will go to gym and rotate between sauna and jacuzzi for a minimum of two hours. During the day on April 19, I will check for any rejects on e-filing, and in the afternoon, I will drive north on Pacific Coast Highway to El Capitan and camp on the beach for a couple of days – with no electronics.”

Stacy KildalKildal Services

“This year, we’re fixing up our rental property, listing it and having a new brick walkway installed at our house.”

Debra KilsheimerBehind the Scenes Financial Services

“Tax season is always an exciting time in our office. We get to see our clients another year, catching up on what is new in their life: the good, the bad and the ugly! After catching up, we help them through one of their least favorite duties – filing their taxes. We actually enjoy the hubbub of tax season! Can we get it all done? Will this year be as profitable as last year? Did our tax projections we worked with for our clients work out? However, we are happy when it’s over and the pressure of off. You can probably hear our collective sigh of relief coming from Port Orange, Fla.

My husband, Harold, who is also co-owner of the firm, does his “After Tax Season Happy Dance.” To celebrate, we usually go on a trip. One year, we went to Egypt. Another time, we traveled through the Panama Canal. This year, we are going to Cuba! We even invited some of our favorite clients to tag along. Anyone else want to come along? There’s still room!”

Mariette Martinez, EA Mariette Martinez, EA

“After busy season, a mental, spiritual and family vacation is mandatory. As a mommypreneur of three, and a wife with a very supportive spouse, my family is well aware of my tax season deadline. They actually count down the days with me and look forward to the days after tax season, knowing they will have some uninterrupted quality time with me. Ever since I began my practice, I have taken the rest of the week and weekend off after the April tax deadline. That time allows me to thank my family for their unrelenting support, while I recharge my mind and spirit.”

Marty McCutchen, CPA Marty McCutchen, CPA P.C.

“I decompress by spending more time with my family. I pick my kids up from school in the afternoon, more often from mid-April to the end of school. In mid-May, my wife and I normally take a four-day trip somewhere to hang out.”

Jackie Meyer, CPA, MSA Meyer Tax Consulting LLC

“First, I issue big bonuses to reward my team, and then set my out-of-office responder on and catch up on R&R. Before having kids, that meant lying on the beach. Now, it involves a mini-vacation in bed for an entire weekday (or two). Then, I go shopping.”

Rose Moore, CPA PKF Texas

“I always plan a day off work without anything scheduled, with no errands or appointments. It’s relaxing to just make decisions based on how I feel and not what I need to get accomplished.”

Leave us a comment below and let us know – what do you do to decompress after busy season?

One response to “How Do You Decompress After Busy Season?”

  1. I take the rest of the week off after the deadline and reclaim time with my family and for me. Spend time doing personal things that got pushed off during tax season. Also like to head to the beach which is my Happy Place.