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Best practices in vendor communications for your business clients

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Now is an ideal time to help your business clients communicate with their vendors. In some cases, businesses may need to ask for a deferral or reduction for expenses related to insurance, medical premiums, rent and general office needs.

Rossana Giannini, JD, recently wrote an article for the Firm of the Future blog outlining best practices in vendor communications that you can review and share with your clients. Also included are several sample letters you can download and pass along.

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One response to “Best practices in vendor communications for your business clients”

  1. While I appreciate the context of the article from the legal standpoint, the author being an attorney, in my experience it’s not all that complicated.

    I have worked for a number of under-capitalized businesses and took over during rough times. In fact, at one such position my very first outside call came from a vendor wanting to deliver critical inventory COD.

    The key in these situations is: COMMUNICATION. While every situation is different, mostly it’s a simple matter of a phone call to the vendor’s A/R or Credit Department and have a personal conversation. Then – and this is critical – KEEP YOUR WORD. If you’ve committed to a payment plan don’t miss it by even one day without some serious reason.

    Great points for these times and for any time you need something “extra” from a vendor. Most vendors, in my experience, are willing to work with you; they just want to know they’ll get paid at some point.