4 Mobile Truths for Today’s Small Business

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Mobile technology has changed small business on a fundamental level – and the changes have come quickly … so quickly, in fact, that many small business owners haven’t realized the monumental possibilities that are now readily available to them at virtually no cost.

Whether you consider yourself a “mobile merchant” or just use your cell phone as your go-to device, recent changes in today’s mobile technology, including automatic sync with QuickBooks® Online, can open up remarkable new possibilities for your business.

Truth #1: Point of sale (POS), as we know it, is dead. Okay, that was dramatic, but it is true that mobile-based solutions replaced the need for traditional POS terminals for many small businesses. For the owners of these businesses, the smartphone serves as a mobile personal computer and payment-processing tool. With this kind of mobile technology, businesses of all sizes can now process transactions, anywhere, and get more data than ever before – especially crucial if their operations run outside of a traditional brick and mortar storefront.

As consumers increasingly expect to be able to pay any business with credit and debit cards, finding a simple-to-use, flexible, reliable mobile payment processing tool is more important than ever. After all, if the POS is indeed dead, keeping your business alive and healthy requires mobile technology you can depend on 24/7.

Truth #2: You can run your business from the palm of your hand. Small business owners can process credit card transactions using the scanning capabilities of their phone’s built-in camera. That means they do not need dongles or external card readers that can break, be forgotten or malfunction mid-swipe. Some of these same mobile solutions also allow business owners to send invoices, manage cash and checks, issue receipts, review full transaction history, and track activity across a field service organization, using only their phones. Having these kinds of tools in the palm of your hand is a game-changer.

Truth #3: Coupons can be customized without being complicated. Today, you can create, customize and distribute coupons to your customers in minutes, using only your phone. Choose the right couponing service and you can ensure these coupons are easily redeemable through email or, if your customers prefer, Apple Passbook. By offering your customers easy-to-redeem coupons on the spot at the time of transaction, you’re building loyalty with every purchase, right from your phone.

Truth #4: With the right tools, business management can be simple. It’s vital to find simple-to-use mobile tools, especially for companies with multiple team members in the field. For optimal simplicity, we recommend choosing a mobile card transaction service that offers consistent, simple pricing without monthly fees or hidden costs for keying in card data. To further simplify your business, make sure any new mobile tools you adopt work with the tools you already use, including QuickBooks Online. With features like automatic QuickBooks sync, your tools can work together and sync data without any extra effort on your part.

Is your head swimming with all the mobile possibilities available today for your small business? Stay tuned. Due to continual advances in technology, the landscape is likely to change – and keep changing.


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