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I like it when my clients …

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Whether it is just after busy season or any other time of the year, tax and accounting professionals like working with clients who take an active interest in their tax and financial matters. And clients like it when their tax advisor is proactive. According to the 2022 Taxpayer Insights & Intelligence Brief, 79% of clients are willing to pay pros more if it results in better outcomes, while 69% of clients want more advice from their tax pro.

I asked members of the Intuit® Tax Council this question: “I like it when my clients …” Here is what they had to say.

Renee Daggett, EAAdminBooks: I like it when my clients proactively communicate with us, follow our recommendations, and upload all necessary documents on time. Effective communication and timely submission of required documents help us provide top-notch service, and ensure that we can exceed our clients’ expectations. Working collaboratively with our clients helps us build strong relationships and achieve successful outcomes, while staying true to our mission statement of education and providing peace of mind.

Al-Nesha Jones, CPA, MBAASE Group: I like it when my clients allow me to play my position. When a client comes to us and says, in their own words, “I’m an entrepreneur and want to spend more time in my genius zone; I want to partner with you so that you can operate in your genius zone as my accounting and advisory partner,” I immediately know something great is about to happen.

We are most helpful to our clients when they are ready to embrace a partnership and release the hold that social media advice has on so many business owners. They’re open to suggestions and willing to make improvements, and that means we’ll be able to make a true impact on their businesses and their lives. When they’ve reached this point, we’re positioned to help them create more capacity for what brings them joy. This person is about to improve the strength and sustainability of their business. Great things are in both of our futures!

Tatiana Tsior, CPA, MBA: I like it when my clients value their time more than anything else and trust me to take care of them, while paying me a fair fee.

Timothy Wingate Jr., EAG+F Business &. Financial Consulting LLC: I like it when my clients get me the information I requested within three days. This makes my life and my team’s life easier. It also allows us to serve them well with more up-to-date information. Part of this means uploading the information into the portal, and not sending me text messages with pictures.

How would you complete the sentence, “I like it when my clients …” Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with your colleagues.

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