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Resolving the EasyACCT error: This Company has been converted to a later version

by Intuit EasyACCT 2023 Updated 7 months ago

When opening a company I receive the "This company has been converted to a later version".

  1. This problem occurs in network environments when a company has been opened on a different computer with a more recent program version installed. 
    • A user on a computer with an older version will encounter this error message, as a company cannot be opened in an earlier version once accessed in a newer version.
  2. This will also occur when a new computer is placed in service, and an earlier version of the program year is installed on the new machine without all the updates.

In either case, the program will need to be updated to the same version as the data was last accessed.

How can I fix it?

Information Return System:

  • In the Information Return System, if a new computer requires a prior year IRS program to be installed, there are several ways to accomplish it.
    1. If the program year is 2013 to the current year, the updated programs can be installed from the My Account download service.
    2. If the program year is prior to 2013, using the shared download path will update the program on the new machine once the initial CD is installed.
    3. If you still have possession of the old computer, you can use the Network folder from the old computer to install it to the new computer.
    4. If the download is not on My Account, call Technical Support and request a download link.


  • Install the latest update, via the Internet Update or downloaded from My Account online.

If you do not have the current year program version:

  • Delete the Company.### file and Create a New Company with the same ID and same information. 
    1. Right click on the Company from the Company Selection screen and Select Properties.
    2. Print the Properties for re-entering the information in a New Company ID.
    3. Do a Windows Search for Company.### where ### is the 3 digit Company ID.
    4. Right Click and rename the file Companyold.###.
    5. Create the New Company using the Company Wizard and use the Print out from Step 2 to make sure the information is identical.
    6. This will allow the older machine to open the same company file that was converted to the newer version.
  • If the problem persists, restore the automatic backup. 

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