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How to enter tax return data and find inputs in Lacerte

by Lacerte Tax 2023 Updated 5 months ago

This article will help you use the different views and tools in Lacerte to enter and review your clients' tax returns.

Using the Details tab

You'll use the Detail tab to enter all of your clients' tax data, like dependents, income, and deductions:

  • Use the table of contents to navigate through different portions of the return, or search for a specific item.
  • Longer screens are separated into logical sections. You can use the left side of the screen to select the Section that's applicable.
  • Access carryovers or general information by clicking the link at the top left of the related input screen. 

Using the Find feature

When you are on the Details tab there is a Find button at the top of the screen. This will allow you to search for specific inputs or even text that's been entered.

Using the Forms tab

To view the federal and state Forms select the Forms tab.

  • In the upper left corner you can select the US for federal forms or the state abbreviation for state forms.
  • Check the Show all button if you want to see available forms that are not generating with this specific return.

Form Help:

Starting in Lacerte 2022, there's a new Form Help features that provides additional in-product information to help you determine how a line is calculated.

This feature is currently available for Federal forms and schedules in the Individual tax module of 2023 Lacerte and 2022 Lacerte where the Form Help icon appears. Content and access points will be expanded to other tax modules and states throughout the tax season.

To turn on Form Help:

To turn the Form Help on in Lacerte, check the Form Help box located at the top of the screen while viewing the Forms tab. Once the Form Help checkbox is marked, this feature is turned on. You’ll notice several lines appearing with a blue question mark icon. 

Using Form Help

Once on, you'll see blue question mark icons where Form Help is available. Right click on the entry and select Form Help to open a pop-up browser window with information for that line. This window can be adjusted to a smaller size and will remain this size while working in the program.

Using jump to input

Most fields on the form have the ability to Jump to Input. Simply right click on the field and select Jump to Input to see where to enter the item that flows there.

  • Not all forms or lines have jump to input available.
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