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Updating ProSeries tax return with QuickBooks data

by Intuit Updated 5 months ago

Updating a tax return in ProSeries Professional with data from a QuickBooks company file.

Before you start:

  • Make sure the year of QuickBooks you are using is compatible with the ProSeries Tax year:
    • The import can only be done with a version of QuickBooks that is one year previous, one year later, or the same year as the ProSeries tax return.  
    • For example, ProSeries 2023 can only import from QuickBooks 2022, 2023 and 2024.
    • ProSeries 2023 can import from QuickBooks 2023 but it can’t import from QuickBooks 2021 or QuickBooks 2020 until after QuickBooks 2023 is installed. QuickBooks 2023 allows ProSeries to work with 32bit version of QuickBooks.
  • Make sure the version of QuickBooks you are using is compatible for the import:
    • Compatible versions are QuickBooks Premier Accountant Desktop, Enterprise Solutions and Accountants Desktop.
    • Starting in tax year 2022 ProSeries Professional can import data from QuickBooks Online Accountant. See Importing QuickBooks Online Clients to ProSeries for information.
  • Only the QuickBooks Administrator can update ProSeries returns with QuickBooks data.
  • The QuickBooks company file must be in Single User mode.
  • If you're going to transfer data from the previous year's ProSeries tax return, you must do so before you update the return with QuickBooks data.

To update the tax return with QuickBooks Data:

  1. Open ProSeries Professional.
  2. Open the tax return.
  3. From the Import menu, select Update Return with QuickBooks Data.
  4. Select the QuickBooks company file(s) that you want to import.
  5. Click the Continue button to go on to the next Update Return with QuickBooks Data screen.
  6. This screen will show a list of accounts that have been assigned to specific tax forms and lines.  Review the information that appears for accuracy.
  7. To continue with the import process, click Update, and the data will be imported.
  8. Save the ProSeries client file after updating with QuickBooks data.

For further information, please refer to the ProSeries Help Center, which is accessed by clicking the F1 key on your keyboard, or by going to Help, then selecting Help Center.

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