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Transferring from EasyACCT to Lacerte

by Intuit Updated 10 months ago

EasyACCT seamlessly integrates with Lacerte by transferring trial balance and asset information to tax returns.

In EasyACCT, follow these steps

  1. From the System Navigator, select EasyACCT Utilities then Lacerte Tax Transfer.
  2. Select the Tax Year and the Lacerte Tax Program to transfer to.
  3. Select the General Ledger Balances box to transfer general ledger data for accounts that have a Tax Pg/Line Number entry.
    • The data will be transferred to Lacerte on schedule number (1–999) which is used for transferring multiple companies into one tax return. Use one return only if transferring one company from EasyAcct to one tax return in Lacerte.
  4. Select the Asset Record box to transfer all asset records that are in the Asset Depreciation module. The data will be transferred to Lacerte on the selected tax form/schedule and to the schedule number (1–999) input on the screen.
  5. Select Begin Transfer to continue.
  6. When EasyACCT data is ready to export, a message will display, select OK and this will open Lacerte.

If transferring multiple EasyACCT companies to a single tax client (for example, two Schedule C companies to one individual tax return) follow these steps:

  1. Complete the data transfer for the first company using schedule 1.
  2. After transferring the first company, access the next company and transfer selected data to the same tax client, using schedule 2, and append the transfer file.
  3. Repeat this process until all of the selected companies are transferred using schedule 3, etc. for each company.
  4. When all companies are transferred, you can access the data.

In Lacerte, follow these steps

  1. Select the entity type and, if needed, browse to change the file location that stores the selected entity data.
  2. Select the client file to transfer and select OK.
    • If the tax return isn’t set up in Lacerte, select Add New Client to input the client number.
  3. Select the type of return to be filed. This will vary based on the type of client specified on the Company Information screen in EasyACCT. Select OK to continue.
  4. The next screen is for informational purposes only.  It will show how many accounts have been assigned or left unassigned.  Review the information and select OK to continue.
  5. If the assets were selected for import in EasyACCT, the next screen will be the Asset Import screen, if not, the next screen displayed will be the Trial Balance Utility.

Asset Import: 

  1. On the Asset Import screen, select whether to use the Lacerte depreciation calculations or the EasyACCT depreciation overrides (these amounts might differ because EasyACCT uses a formula, and Lacerte defaults to depreciation tables).
  2. Select Post to Tax, then OK on the Asset Post Complete screen.

Trial Balance Import: 

  1. The Trial Balance Utility Screen shows all general ledger accounts, their balances, tax page and line mappings. There are three different tabs on this screen.
    • The Trial Balance tab
      • Accounts with zero balances can be hidden or displayed depending on what is selected under View then Accounts with Zero Balance (Ctrl + R).
    • The Journal Entries tab
      • Used for making adjustments to the trial balance before import. This tab can only be used if you’ve paid for the license for the Trial Balance Utility.
      • Only the ending balances will be imported because the beginning balances would have been brought into Lacerte by the Proforma process.  If this is a new client in Lacerte, the beginning balances will need to be input manually.
    • The Tax Line Assignment tab
      • Used to assign accounts to a tax line.
      • All account assignments can be modified in this screen.
      • The accounts listed in red are unassigned.
  2. Accounts can be mapped to Lacerte in one of two ways:
    • In EasyACCT, using the Tax Page/Tax Line assignments as shown on the General Ledger Account Update (this is done on a per-company basis).
    • In Lacerte, using SmartMap to let the program automatically assign the accounts to a tax page and line (the assignments are on a global basis).
  3. Accounts that haven’t been assigned to a Lacerte screen or input field appear in red. There are two ways to assign these entries:
    • Go to the Tax Line Assignment tab and select the Lacerte Screen Schedule #, and Lacerte Input Field from the dropdown list.
    • Select the SmartMap icon on the row with the account to assign.  Within SmartMap, unassigned accounts can be mapped to input fields using one of two different methods:
    • Select an unassigned account from the left panel, select the applicable Lacerte Screen and Activity (if not already selected), and select the desired input field in the center box.
    • Select the applicable Lacerte Screen and Activity (if not already selected), and then select and drag the unassigned account from the left panel to the desired input field in the center box.  As these accounts are mapped, the SmartMap database stores the assignments.  When the same accounts are brought into Lacerte again, they will already be mapped to the correct screen and field. Once all of the entries have been mapped, close the SmartMap screen.
      1. Select Post to Tax Return on the Trial Balance Utility screen.
      2. Select OK on the Post Complete screen.
      3. Select Close to exit the Trial Balance Utility.
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