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Using the Tax Planner Worksheet in ProSeries

by Intuit Updated 7 months ago

This article will walk you through using the Tax Planner Worksheet in ProSeries.

The Tax Planner isn't available for state forms.

How to access the Tax Planner

  1. From within the Federal return, select Tools.
  2. Select Tax Planner.
  1. From with the Federal return, go to the Checklist tab.
  2. Under the Planning section, check the box labeled Tax Planner.
  3. Select the Tax Planner tab.

Which Tax Planner Worksheets do I need to fill out?

There are two main Tax Planner Worksheets that you'll need to fill out:

  • Tax Planner Summary Information Worksheet
  • Tax Planner Taxpayer Information Worksheet

How do I begin a plan?

When you open the Tax Planner Summary Information Worksheet, you'll see four columns. The first column (Tax Return) shows the current tax return amounts. Each Tax Planner Summary Information Worksheet allows you to view up to three tax plans. If you'd like more than three tax plans, you can add an additional Tax Planner Summary Information Worksheet.

When the year is chosen for the plan, the current year information populates the column. The program doesn't provide a way to flow any other plan information as the default for a new plan. The program will always use the current year.

To begin a plan, start with the column Plan 1. On this Tax Planner Summary Information Worksheet, you can:

  • Enter the Tax Year
  • Enter a Plan Description
  • Enter an Inflation Percentage
  • Check to prepare ES vouchers based on this plan
  • Check to prepare Form W-4 based on this plan

After completing the above entries as necessary, click the QuickZoom to the Planner Taxpayer Information Worksheet to continue entering information.  On the Tax Planner Taxpayer Information Worksheet, you can:

  • Enter taxpayer filing information
  • Enter salary and wage information

Other Tax Planner Worksheets

There are nine other Tax Planner Worksheets that you can fill out as necessary:

  • Tax Planner Investment Income Worksheet
  • Tax Planner Business Income / Self-Employment Income Worksheet
  • Tax Planner Rents, Royalties, Pass-through Entities, and Other Income (Loss) Worksheet
  • Tax Planner Passive Activity Income and Loss Worksheet
  • Tax Planner Adjustments Worksheet
  • Tax Planner Itemized Deductions Worksheet
  • Tax Planner Taxes, Credits and Payments Worksheet
  • Tax Planner Credits Worksheet
  • Tax Planner Alternative Minimum Tax Worksheet

To find out more about the Tax Planner, new tax laws, and what calculations can be made, go to the Help Menu for details.

Video demonstration

ProSeries Technical Support can't provide tax advice or advise you on tax specific treatment. You may wish to ask your tax-specific questions on the Intuit Accountants Community.

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