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How to resolve DMS database error 53249 when running a database repair

by Intuit Updated 6 months ago

This article explains how to resolve the following error message that appears when attempting to repair the DMS database (DBRepair.exe):

"DMS Database Error: 53249, Invalid Database Path. Table Locks is missing from the specified path: 'C:\DMSdb\'"

  • The path will be where the DMS database is stored.

Make sure all users are out of DMS before performing the following steps:

  1. Open DMS.
  2. Create a new database on the local hard drive (such as C:\Test) by selecting File menu > Database > New.
  3. Follow the Wizard to create the new database.
  4. In the Set Up Default Folder Template - Clients window, select Next.
  5. In the Choose Where to Import From window, select the option I don't want to import at this time and select Next.
  6. Close DMS.
  7. Browse to the new database folder (example is C:\Test).
  8. Hold down the CTRL key and select Locks.dat and Locks.idx.
  9. Right-click and select Copy.
  10. Browse to the original database folder.
  11. Inside the database folder, right-click and select Paste.
  12. Confirm to overwrite the existing files.
  13. Create a new folder inside this DMS database folder.
  14. Name this folder IDX files.
  15. Hold down the CTRL key and select all the .idx files (except Locks.idx) and the dbisam.lck file.
  16. Right-click and select Cut.
  17. In the IDX files folder, right-click and select Paste.
  18. Browse to C:\ProgramFiles\Intuit\DMS. (This is the default installation folder).
  19. Open the file DBRepair.exe and click OK to the Information prompt.
  20. Select the original DMS database folder inside the Database Maintenance window.
  21. Select Repair.
  22. When repair has finished, close the Database Maintenance window by selecting Exit.
  23. Open the DMS program.
  24. Select File > Database > Open.
  25. Select the original database and click OK.
  26. Make sure the database is present with no errors.
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