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ProSeries updates are out of sync

by Intuit Updated 1 year ago

After updating ProSeries 2019 and prior, the program does not open but shows an error saying, "ProSeries updates are out of sync."

Before you start:

  • This issue is most common when ProSeries installed on a Network Attached Storage (NAS) device. ProSeries does not support NAS devices. If you are having this problem and are running ProSeries on a NAS device, the software will need to be installed on a supported operating system.
  • The Admin workstation needs to be fixed first and then each and every workstation on the network.
  • Ensure the correct version of the Gist file is the most up to date version before resolving the workstation. The version number for the  wgistlibs-17753-17766.ver referenced for the workstations will increase or change with each update of the ProSeries program.
  • This article references default installation paths and uses YY to reference the tax year in 20YY format. C: will always indicate the local drive and X: will always indicate the network drive.

Fixing the Admin workstation:

  1. On ProSeries on the Admin workstation.
  2. Sign in to My Account.
  3. Click the Previous Years link.
  4. Select to Download the year of ProSeries you have the error on.
  5. Run the setup file.
  6. Click Next until you get to the Product Selection screen.
  7. Press Alt + C to clear all the check boxes.
  8. Only select the 1040.
  9. Select Next until ProSeries has been successfully updated.
  10. Close ProSeries on all computers.
  11. Open Windows file explorer and browse to C:\ProWinYY\forms\app_YY\tke_dll\win\gist_libs\win-x86.
  12. Right-click on Gist.dll and select Copy.
  13. Locate the shared ProSeries network folder in Windows File Explorer.
  14. Right-click on the shared ProSeries network folder and select Paste the put a copy of the Gist.dll file on the network share.
  15. Browse to the C:\ProNetYY\Updates folder.
  16. Right-click on the wgistlibs-17753-17766.ver file and select Cut.
  17. Browse back to the the shared ProSeries folder, and then right-click and Paste.

Fixing the workstations:

  1. On the User Workstation, copy the Gist.dll located in the shared ProSeries network folder.
  2. Open the Windows File explorer and browse to :\ProWinYY\forms\app_YY\tke_dll\win\gist_libs\win-x86.
  3. Delete the existing Gist.dll.
  4. Paste the new Gist.dll.
  5. Open ProSeries.

Fixing a Stand Alone installation:

  1. Close ProSeries.
  2. Browse to C:\ProWinYY
  3. Right-click on the 32Bit Folder, and select Rename.
  4. Change the name to 32BitOLD.
  5. Right-click on the Updates folder, and select Rename.
  6. Change the name to UpdatesOLD.
  7. Create a new Updates folder.
  8. Sign in to My Account.
  9. Click the Previous Years link.
  10. Select to Download the year of ProSeries you have the error on.
  11. Run the setup file.
  12. Select Next until ProSeries has been successfully updated.
  13. Launch ProSeries.
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