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Generating and e-filing SMLLC returns in ProConnect Tax

by ProConnect Tax Online Updated 1 month ago

This article will show you how to generate and e-file SMLLC returns in Intuit ProConnect.

Before you start:

  • Starting in tax year 2019, you can now e-file multiple SMLLC returns for an Individual client for DC, CA, TN, TX and NY.
  • Each SMLLC must have its own EIN or Identification Number for the linked business activity (Schedule C, for example). An override may be available in the state-specific screen for EIN, if not a linked activity.

Generating the SMLLC forms for e-file:

  1. Open the client return and go to the Profile tab.
  2. Mark the checkbox to set the LLC return for e-filing.
    • Make sure the applicable state has been added.
  3. Go to the State & Local screen, select Taxes, and choose the applicable screen for the state you're e-filing.
    • For example, for California, you'd go to State & Local > Taxes > California SMLLC.
  4. Add all of the LLC returns you need, regardless of whether they'll be e-filed.
    • To ensure that the returns generate properly, you must use the following order:
      • Add all other LLCs first.
      • Add all Schedule C LLCs from the Business Income (Sch C) screen second.
      • Add all Schedule E LLCs from the Rental and Royalty Income (Sch E) screen third.
  5. If you aren't e-filing the state form, check the Do not e-File checkbox.
  6. Enter any entries required to finish the state return.
  7. Go to the Check Return tab.
  8. Make sure the LLC returns are generating correctly.
  9. Go to the File Return tab.
  10. Each single-member LLC will have a checkbox under Select Tax Return(s) to E-File. Make sure all the correct ones are checked.
  11. Clear any critical diagnostics.
  12. Once you're finished, e-file the return.

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