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Generating and e-filing SMLLC returns in Lacerte

by Intuit Updated 8 months ago

Before you start:

  • Starting in tax year 2019 you can now e-file multiple SMLLC returns for an Individual client for DC, CA, TN, TX and NY.
  • Each SMLLC must have its own EIN or Identification Number in the linked business activity (Sch. C for example). An override may be available in the state specific screen for EIN if not a linked activity.
  • The E-File Wizard and the F4 view will no longer show the amount due being paid electronically.
  • You will no longer be able to add the SMLLC column to All Clients or filter by these returns. You will still be able to use the e-file Center to see this information.

Generating the SMLLC forms for e-file:

  1. Go to Screen 1, Client Information and check the box to set the LLC return for e-filing.
  2. Go to Screen 54 for the state you are e-filing.
  3. Add all of the LLC returns you need, regardless of whether or not they will be e-filed.
  4. To ensure the returns generate properly you must use the following order:
    • Add all Other LLC’s first.
    • Add all Schedule C LLC’s from Screen 16 second.
    • Add all Schedule E LLC’s from Screen 18 third.
  5. If you are not e-filing the state form check the Do not e-file checkbox.
  6. Enter any entries required to finish the state return.
  7. Go to the Forms tab.
  8. Verify the LLC returns are generating correctly.
  9. From the E-File menu choose Step 2: Start e-file Return Wizard...
  10. Each Single Member LLC will have a checkbox under State Return. Make sure all the correct ones are checked and click Next. 
  11. The program will validate the return
    • If there is an error in validation: click the Error link under Validation for the reason.  Click Don't Send (Cancel) to correct the errors.
  12. Once the validation is successful: click Send E-file Returns Now.

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