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Common questions on California single-member LLCs in ProConnect

by ProConnect Tax Online Updated 1 year ago

Below you'll find answers to frequently asked questions on California single-member limited liability companies (LLCs) in Intuit ProConnect.

  1. Go to the Input Return tab.
  2. From the left of the screen, select State & Local and choose Taxes.
  3. Select California SMLLC.
  4. Locate the California Single Member LLC section.
  5. Select the applicable Form (Click on arrow to select from list).
  6. Select the applicable Activity name or number
    • The Limited Liability Company information will flow from the applicable Activity selected. Any input fields marked with an [Override] will override information flowing from that activity.

To combine multiple businesses into a single SMLLC, Form 568:

  1. Scroll down to the Additional Linked Business subsection.
  2. Select the applicable Form (Click on arrow to select from list).
  3. Select the applicable Activity number.

To view the form:

  1. Go to the Check Return tab.
  2. Click CA under the Forms view.
  3. Select 568.
    • If you have multiple SMLLCs that haven't been combined, there should be another 568 in the left Forms view.

At this time, you can only e-file one SMLLC per state. Because of this, ProConnect will only e-file the first SMLLC return that's entered on the California SMLLC screen.

  1. Go to the Profile tab.
  2. Check the Select for e-file box for California LLC.
  3. From the left of the screen, select State & Local and choose Taxes.
  4. Select California SMLLC.
  5. Under the California Single Member LLC section, add the California LLC return.
  6. Fill out the mandatory information for the LLC.
    • ProConnect Tax will only e-file one LLC returns. For any additional LLC returns, select the Do not e-File box.
  7. Complete any other information on this screen, if applicable.
  8. Go to the Check Return tab.
  9. Make sure the LLC return is generating correctly.
  10. Resolve any diagnostics for the LLC.
  11. Go to the File Return tab and select California LLC.
  12. Click E-file.
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