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How to resolve Lacerte error "Primary taxpayer SSN already used by the firm" when inviting a client to Link

by Intuit Updated 6 months ago

This article will help you resolve the error:

  • The primary taxpayer SSN is already used by the firm. Please enter a unique SSN and try again.

This error happens when the email address in Intuit Link does not match the email address in Lacerte for the client.

Follow these steps to resolve this error:

  1. Sign in to Intuit Link.
  2. Find the client you're trying to invite.
  3. Select the client name, then select Edit.
  4. Change the email address to match the client's email address in Lacerte.
  5. Then re-invite the client to Link.

The logic behind this message:

  1. Before Lacerte sends the client to Link, it checks to see if a client with the same Social Security number already exists in Link.
  2. If a client with the same Social Security number exists in Link, then the program compares the client's email address that is in Lacerte and in Link.
  3. If the email address in Lacerte and Link are the same:
    • The Lacerte client merges with the Link client.
    • The invitation/requests are sent to the client.
  4. If the Social Security number is the same but the email address is different, then Lacerte returns the duplicate Social Security number message.

If a client already exists on the Link portal, but was never invited to Link from Lacerte, it could be a QuickBooks Online client or a ProConnect Tax client where SSNs can be entered. This would only occur if ProConnect Tax, QuickBooks Online, and Lacerte were all on the same realm.

The client's Social Security number isn't visible on the Link website. The Social Security number is hidden in Link but it's part of the criteria the program checks when inviting clients to Link.

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