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How to use the Company Setup Wizard in EasyACCT

by Intuit Updated 2 weeks ago

You can use the Company Setup Wizard to create a new company by creating a new company from scratch or copying setup items from another company or one of the provided templates.

Follow these steps to set up a new company from scratch:

  1. From the Company Selection screen, select New Company.
    • This launches the Company Setup Wizard.
  2. Complete all applicable fields for page 1 of the Company Information screen.
    • You must enter the Company ID (3-digits), Company Name, and Type of Company.
  3. Click Next and complete all applicable fields for page 2 of of the Company Information screen.
    • You must enter the last General Ledger Year-end date. If the current year-end date is 123118, enter 123117 in this field.
  4. Click Next to access the Automatic Posting Options.
  5. Click Finish to close the Company Setup Wizard.
  6. Go into each module to complete the setup items that you intend to use for the company.
    • For example, go to Write-Up Update Company Files Vendor Information to setup vendor files or Bank Reconciliation Bank Accounts to set up your bank account information.
    • Go to the product support page to search for instructions on setting up individual items.

The company uses the system-level setting by default. Check the Override the current Automatic Posting for this company box to override these settings. Then, place checkmarks next to modules to enable automatic posting and remove checkmarks for modules to disable automatic posting.

Follow these steps to copy files to an existing company:

  1. Repeat steps 1-4 from the previous instructions.
    • Don’t click Finish.
  2. Click Next to access the Transfer Company Information screen.
  3. Answer Yes to the question, "Do you wish to transfer information?"
  4. Select one of the two options:
    • Copy information from an existing company
      • In the Data Path field, click the arrow to locate the path where the company you want to copy is stored.
      • Select the Company.
      • This will overwrite the selected items.
    • Copy information from a company template
      • Choose from one of the 33 provided templates.
  5. Click Next to access the checklist of items that you can transfer to the new company.
  6. On pages 3 and 4, mark any boxes for items you want to transfer.
  7. When finished, select Transfer and click OK on the pop-up message.
  8. Click Finish to close the wizard.

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