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E-filing Form W-2 in EasyACCT

by Intuit EasyACCT 2023 Updated 3 days ago

Who should e-file W-2 forms?

  • If you're an employer with 10+ employees, you're required to e-file W-2s.
  • If you're an employer with less than 10 employees, e-filing W-2s isn't required, but encouraged.

For first-time filers:

Below are a things you should know before preparing and sending your e-file W-2s (EFW2) to the SSA:

  • You must register with the Social Security Administration (SSA) to obtain a user ID.
  • Use the SSA's AccuWage program to test your EFW2s before sending them to the SSA.
    • AccuWage is free-of-charge and checks your EFW2s for errors before submitting them.

You can create EFW2s using EasyACCT or the Information Return System.

For more information on state e-filing, see How to e-file state W-2s in EasyACCT.

Setting up transmitter settings and contact information

To set up the EasyAcct Transmission and Contact Information settings:

  1. Select Transmission Settings from the System Menu on the Company Selection screen.
  2. Complete all the fields under the Transmitter Information tab.
    • All fields are required for the transmission file.
    • You must complete both Location and Delivery Addresses as well, even if it's the same address.
  3. Complete the W-2 Filing information using the Personal Identification Number (PIN) assigned by the SSA.
  4. Select the Preparer Code that best describes the preparer.
  5. Select the Contact Information tab to enter the contact name, telephone number, fax number, and email address for the person you'd like contacted about transmissions.
  6. For other information on the Transmission Settings screen, press the F1 key.

To access Contact Information used for printing on the forms in EasyACCT:

  1. Go to Write-Up, Update Company Files, then Company Information. 
  2. Complete the information in the Contact Information for W-2/1099/SUTA Reporting section. 

Preparing the e-file

To complete the e-file settings:

  1. Go to Print Reports, Tax Reports, and select Form W-2.
  2. Select EF Settings and fill out the following sections:
    • Company Information:
      • EIN used
      • Establishment number
      • Third-party sick pay indicator
      • Tax withheld by third party
      • Employer type.
    • W-2 Filing Information:
      1. Select the Payer Employment Type.
      2. If supplemental data is required, select the box and enter the information. (This field isn't usually complete.)
    • Transfer Agent Information:
      1. Select the box if you're the entity who's been contracted or authorized by the payer to perform the services of paying and reporting backup withholding.
        • If you're a transfer agent, then complete the Transfer Agent Information section (otherwise, leave it blank).
          • If you selected the Transfer Agent box, you must enter a selection for the Agent Indicator Code so the e-file will include the EIN.
    • Other Options
      1. Select the box if you wish to suppress EFW2 records for employees with no wages.
      2. Uncheck the box to create the file in .DAT format
      3. Select Close when finished.

Create the EFW2

  1. Select Create EF to start the file creation process.
  2. The files will be stored in the C:EASYWW2EF folder (regardless of where the data is stored).
    • Files will be automatically numbered in the order they're created and named. For example, W2EF0001.TXT, then W2EF0002.TXT, W2EF0003.TXT, and so on.
      • The SSA now requires the format to be .TXT and no longer .DAT. We currently have it as an option on what format the W2 efile is created in.

Submitting the EFW2 to the SSA

To submit the EFW2 to the SSA, you must upload the file on the Business Services Online page.

This step isn't necessary if you've already completed step 5 above from the Accuwage program, as it'll offer to upload it for you.

For more information: 


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