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Common questions about Form 990-PF operating and administrative expenses in ProConnect Tax

by ProConnect Tax Online Updated 7 months ago

Follow these steps to generate Form 990-PF, Return of Private Foundation, Part XV:

  1. Go to Input Return Expenses Grants & Allocs. (990-EZ/990-PF).
  2. Complete the donee/recipient information:
    • Name
    • Street address, city, state, ZIP code
    • Region, ZIP code, and country (if foreign)
  3. Select the grant type from the dropdown Grant type (Click on arrow to select from list).
  4. Enter the Cash amount given, or complete the Noncash subsection.
  5. Scroll down to the Form 990-PF, Part XIV subsection.
  6. Select the Foundation status of recipient from the list (required).
  7. Enter the Purpose of grant or contribution (required).
  8. Select the plus sign (+) near the top of the screen to add another donee or recipient, and repeat steps.

Tip: Select the hamburger button () beside the tabs at the top of your input screen to switch to Quick Entry for faster input of basic information. Select the Details button from the Quick Entry grid to return to the detail view of any donee or recipient.

If Part XIV still isn't generating:

  • Make sure that the foundation had assets of $5,000 or more at any time during the year. Per the Instructions for Form 990-PF, Part XIV will only be completed if the foundation had $5,000 or more of assets.
  • Make sure that you didn't override the gifts/grants total. Go to the Input Return Expenses Operating & Admin (990-PF) screen and scroll to the bottom. Remove any amounts in the Cont, gifts, grants paid (see Grants and Allocations (990-EZ/990-PF) screen) [Override] field.
  • Make sure that for each donee/recipient entered, the Grant type has been selected with corresponding entries in Cash amount given or the Noncash fields.
  1. Go to Input Return Revenue Fundraising and Gaming
  2. Select Fundraising and Gaming Events
  3. select the Event hyperlink in the upper right corner
  4. Enter the amount of compensation to allocate to this event in the Other direct expenses input

The amount entered in that line will be factored into the 990-PF page 12, Part XV-A, line 9 Net income or (loss) from special events in column e and will also flow to the 990-PF page 1, Part I, line 23 Other Expenses

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