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ProSeries file types

by Intuit Updated 6 months ago

This article briefly explains the most common file extensions used by ProSeries to store information.

ProSeries client file types:

Form TypeGeneral ProSeries File Extension Example using TY20Name of HomeBase view Usable by 
1040YYi23iForm 1040: IndividualBasic/Professional
1040NRYYf23fForm 1040NR: NonresidentProfessional
1041YYe23eForm 1041: Estates/TrustsProfessional
1065YYp23pForm 1065: PartnershipsProfessional
1120YYc23cForm 1120: CorporationsProfessional
1120SYYs23sForm 1120S: S CorpsProfessional
706YYr23rForm 706: EstatesProfessional
709YYg23gForm 709: GiftsProfessional
990YYn23nForm 990: Tax-Exempt OrgsProfessional
ORGYYo23oOrganizer for 1040Professional
ProSeries File ExtensionTypeMore InformationDefault Directory
.cache file.CacheStarting in ProSeries 2020 and newer Cache files are snapshots of the client file that are used to display and maintain the HomeBase with up to date information. YYData
jn1JournalContains location of client file for network installations only in ProSeries 2019 and prior.YYData
tmpTemporaryContains information caused by software terminating unexpectedly.YYData
lckLockStores access permissions to a file or feature.YYData; Common
cdx, dbf, ddf, lst, mbfHomeBaseStores data for HomeBase views and their corresponding fields.HomeBase
pmdProSeries Basic HomeBaseStores data for the ProSeries Basic HomeBase views and their corresponding fields (from tax year 2015 to 2020)YYData (Ex. 18Data)
blb, dat, idxDMSStores data including folder structure, client information, and client files.Open DMS and view Current Database Path
3us, 3uc, 3upFAMFixed Asset Manager import files. 
invInvoiceClient invoice files.Common 
invUpdateContains module versions for update purposes. Updates
dggn, hefsFormsContains module versions for update purposes.Forms 
ltr, rtfLettersContains letters and custom letters.Common 
lytModulesContains module code references for updating and installing.BasWinYY; ProWinYY; ProSeriesProNetYY_AutoDL20YY_Core 
ProSeries BasicWorkflow Add-On Document Management System

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