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One of the following fields must be present - Ref. 499 or 15574 in ProConnect

by ProConnect Tax Online Updated 1 year ago

The following e-file critical diagnostic is generating:

At least one of the following fields must be present on an e-file return: total income, adjusted gross income, tax on income, total credits, total tax, or total payments. Ref #15574 or Ref #499

ProConnect generates this diagnostic to prevent an IRS e-file rejection:

F1040-065-01- At least one of the following must have a non-zero value on Form 1040 'Total Income Amount', or 'Adjusted Gross Income Amount' or 'Tax Amount' or 'Total Credits Amount' or 'Total Tax Amount' or 'Total Payment Amount'

If a return does not have a value on one of these lines, the return cannot be e-filed, and must be paper filed.

Common reasons for this diagnostic:

  • No income has been entered on the return.
  • The taxpayer's only income is non-taxable Social Security.
  • The taxpayer is filing Form 2555, all income is excluded, and no tax payments were made.
  • You're trying to e-file an extension and haven't entered information for the regular tax return yet.
    • Note: This diagnostic pertains to the 1040, and will not prevent you from e-filing an extension.

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