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Addressing the Floating Point Error in Lacerte

by Intuit Updated 3 months ago

In Lacerte, you may see an error when trying to select a custom filter after you've already deleted a preparer.

To correct the preparer selection and resolve the error message:

  1. Go to Settings > Options > Display
    A computer screen with a tabula rasa menu.
  2. Expand the Client Information section using the + icon.
  3. Within the expanded list, find and add Preparer to the list of display columns by selecting it and then clicking the > icon.
    A computer screen showing a wizard for a computer.
  4. Some Preparers may have no number next to their name.
  5. Open the files that have no number and change the Preparer in Screen 1 to someone else.
  6. Change the Preparer in Screen 1 back to the Preparer that had the issue.
  7. The Preparer Column in the Client List should show a number next to the Preparer now.
  8. Repeat steps 3 -6 for each client that has a preparer with no number in the Preparer Column.
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