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Generating individual Form 8283 for noncash contributions over $5,000 in ProConnect Tax

by ProConnect Tax Online Updated 7 months ago

You can generate Form 8283 for noncash contributions over $5,000 in the Individual module of ProConnect Tax using the Deductions screen. Refer to the IRS Instructions for Form 8283 for more information.

Follow these steps to generate Form 8283 for noncash contributions over $5,000:

  1. Go to the Input Return tab.
  2. From the left of the screen, select Deductions and choose Noncash Contributions (8283) from the dropdown menu.
  3. Under the Donee subsection, enter the following information about the charitable organization:
    • Name of charitable organization (donee)
    • Street address
    • City
    • State / ZIP code (U.S. addresses only)
    • Region / ZIP code / Country (foreign addresses only)
  4. From the top of the screen, select More Than $5,000.
  5. Locate the Contributions of More Than $5,000 (Except Certain Publicly Traded Securities) section.
  6. Enter the Type of property donated (Click on arrow to select from list) (Required for Section B).
  7. Under the Donee subsection, enter the Date received by charitable organization (negative date=various)
  8. Under the Property A subsection, enter the following fields:
    • Description of donated property
    • Fair market value
  9. Complete any other applicable fields on this screen.
  10. Go to the Check Return tab to make sure Form 8283 has generated.

Use the Property B and Property C subsections if multiple items of the same property type (selected in step 6) were donated to the same charitable organization. Click the plus sign (+) at the top of the screen to enter contributions to additional charitable organizations (donees).

E-File Form 8283 Noncash Contribution with a 1098-C

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has increased required documentation in cases of Non-cash Contributions over $500 requiring a 1098-C.   Proof of the contribution must be attached to the return in case of Paper Filing, or to the E-file Form 8453 in cases of Electronic Filing.

According to the 1098-C Instructions:

"Caution. You must attach Copy B of Form 1098-C to your income tax return in order to take a deduction for the contribution of a qualified vehicle with a claimed value of more than $500. (If you e-file your return, you must attach Copy B of Form 1098-C to Form 8453 and mail the forms to the IRS.) If you do not attach Copy B of Form 1ST to your return (or to Form 8453) when required, the IRS will disallow your deduction."

In an electronic filing situation, there are additional fields in the screen, Noncash Contributions (Form 8283), that must be filled out in order for the e-file to be accepted.  Fill out all applicable fields in the Additional Electronic Filing Information section.

There are two sections titled Additional Electronic Filing Information in the screen,  Noncash Contributions (8283).  Each Additional Electronic Filing Information section is specific to the type of noncash contribution made.   For example, if entries are made in the Contribution of $5,000 or less section, use the Additional Electronic Filing Information section directly below the Contributions of $5,000 or Less section.

Note: The diagnostic generates if the e-file information has not been entered for the 1098-C or equivalent.

To enter noncash contributions from Form 1098-C for $5,000 or less

  1. Go to Input Return Deductions  Noncash Contributions (8283).
  2.  Fill out all applicable fields in the Additional Electronic Filing Information section.
  3. Enter a 1 in 1=1098-C, 2=equivalent.
  4. Enter other amounts under section Contributions of $5000 or Less.

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