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Getting started with Intuit Tax Advisor

by Intuit Updated 1 week ago

Intuit Tax Advisor allows you to build custom tax plans in minutes, with data automatically generated from your Lacerte or ProConnect Tax software. The program imports from the 2021 Form 1040.

Step 1 - Sync your clients

If you are a Lacerte customer, you must sync your clients. Please follow this Step-by-step guide to sync Lacerte with Intuit Tax Advisor guide to sync your clients.

Learn how to sync your Lacerte clients with Intuit Tax Advisor through our interactive demo.

If you are a ProConnect Tax customer with Intuit Tax Advisor, you can skip this step and sign in to Intuit Tax Advisor.

Step 2 - Identifying your first tax advisory client

What types of clients should you start with?

In order to provide the best customer experience, we recommend starting with single-state tax planning clients, since ITA does not support multi-state planning at this time. Also, we recommend beginning with medium complexity clients.

  • Business owners and high income taxpayers are ideal for tax planning and advisory services. 
  • Identify clients who value your services, have the budget and culture to pay for your expertise. Likely, you are already delivering traditional tax planning services for them. 
  • Define your tax advisory services and standardize your common strategies to recommend. See list attached for current ITA strategies.

Step 3 - Create your first tax plan

For step-by-step guidance, please see Create plans with Intuit Tax Advisor

Learn how to create custom strategies with this interactive demo. 

Step 4 - Learn more about advisory services

Tax advisory resource library - Get the guidance you need to become the trusted tax advisor your clients seek, and gain the year-round revenue you deserve.

Intuit Tax Advisor self study courses - The sessions are designed to help firms specializing in bookkeeping and tax prep expand their practice into planning and advisory services. Adding these services will help you become a trusted and valued partner by helping your clients achieve their next level of success.

The Path to Advisory - The Intuit® Tax Council has put together a comprehensive guide for firms that want to add advisory services to their practice or improve the services they already offer. 


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