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Updates for Intuit Link in ProConnect Tax

by Intuit Updated 1 week ago

Link makes collecting your clients' data simple.  We're always working on new features and functionalities to make data collection fast, easy, and organized.

This article is updated on an ongoing basis when new features are introduced.

New features

Simplifying taxpayer login

  • Taxpayers can now log into their Link client portal using either a phone number, email, or username. Logging in with a phone number removes the need to remember a password.
  • If there are multiple accounts associated with either the phone number, email, or username, the taxpayer now has the ability to choose which account to log into, resolving many historical login issues.

Bulk upload for taxpayers

  • No longer does the taxpayer have to go through the document checklist one item at a time to upload. Now they may upload in bulk. The system will categorize the uploads based on their document type and the remaining items on the checklist, leaving any additional documents to be bucketed by the preparer.

Organizer templates

  • In Link settings, streamline your workflow with reusable templates for engagement letters, questions, and document checklists that you send often. You can start a template from scratch, or copy a pre-made Quickstart template and customize it

Collaborate with business clients

  • Now you can use Link to gather tax information for all of your clients, not just individuals.

Shared email address support

  • Collaborate with clients who share the same email address, like a child and parent who file separate returns.

Item status

  • Quickly see and mark which items have not been answered, are ready for your review, ready to be entered, and completed. Learn more here.

Activity feed

  • An audit log that shows the history of your taxpayers questionnaire answers, uploaded documents, and comments. Learn more here.

Client comment indicator

  • Quickly identify new comments from clients while working on their tax return. The 'new comment' indicator appears blue when there's a new comment, then gray after it's viewed. Learn more here.

Data import

  • View requests, answered questions and uploaded documents from within the return and import 7 forms including 1099s and W2s directly into your return. Learn more here.
  • Added the ability to change the document type so you may import the data.


  • Create a custom email invite and engagement letter for clients.

Client portal

  • Clients can sign the engagement letter, answer questions, upload and import requested documents and connect to financial institutions.

Client activity emails

  • Set up notifications to let you know when your clients have been active in Link.

Share tax return

  • Share a PDF of the full tax return with your Link clients. Learn more here.

Dashboard Improvements

  • Ability to mark requests as done and remove these from the view, as well as sorting by the last activity date of the taxpayer. Learn more here.

Client search

  • Search for clients by name or email address from the Link dashboard. Learn more here.

Delete client documents

  • Delete client files from Link documents together in one screen. Video

Taxpayer improvements

  • Ability to mark that an item doesn't apply for this year. Video

Act on taxpayers' behalf

  • Answer questions and upload documents as though you're the client.

Firm logo

  • Upload your firm logo to customize your organizer requests. Video

Prior year data

  • Accountants can view prior year requests and document submissions from clients.

Client document deleting

  • Taxpayers now have the ability to delete documents from their checklist in Link. Video

Download PDF

  • Download signed engagement letters as a PDF. Video

Client document view

  • Taxpayers can view all uploaded documents together on one screen. Video


  • Share comments between preparers and clients in the context of an organizer item. Video

Resend Invitation

  • Resend an invitation that was previously sent. Video

New document uploads

  • Allow Taxpayers to upload new documents not included in the checklist. Video

Edit requests

  • Update previously sent requests with new questions or additional document requests. Video

Custom questions

  • Edit templates, customize questions and document requests. Video

Link dashboard

  • Track request progress via the Link dashboard. Video

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