congress and tax law
congress and tax law

Action Required! Make Sure Your IRS EFIN Application is Current

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The Intuit® ProConnect™ team is constantly monitoring important changes in tax reform and IRS activities, and will bring these changes to you as they become available. Here are some important changes to e-file you’ll want to know about for tax year 2018.

In a continuing effort to combat fraudulent electronically filed returns, the IRS is making changes for tax year 2018 that will require tighter adherence to how your firm information appears in Intuit ProConnect Tax Online, Lacerte® and ProSeries®. The IRS requires practitioners to ensure their e-filing application is current. To ensure you do not experience any interruption or delays in your ability to e-file, review the information below and take any necessary actions that are needed.

Access IRS e-Services

Confirm your access to IRS e-Services in order to update and maintain your Electronic Filing Identification Number (EFIN) application and monitor your EFIN status. If you have not logged into e-Services since December 2017, you will need to verify your login using the Secure Access portal.

Validate Your EFIN Application

Review your DBA or trade name used in the normal course of business, current physical address for your firm and verify your EFIN status is active. This information will appear on your EFIN application summary.

Note, if your entity has changed principal ownership, you may need to update ownership contact information or apply for a new EFIN for your firm. Applying for an EFIN can take up to 45 days.

Ensure Your Intuit Firm Information Matches Your IRS EFIN Application

Verify that the firm information in your ProConnect tax program is the same as the information on your IRS EFIN application. IRS Security Summit requirements state your software information must match your EFIN Application information exactly to submit electronic tax returns successfully.

For additional information, please refer to EFIN Compliance Required.

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