build a tax firm's muscle to serve clients
build a tax firm's muscle to serve clients

Using Technology Wisely: An Accountant’s Bicep

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Bodybuilders flex and brag about their chiseled biceps, latest muscle gains and body mass statistics; successful tax accountants research and boast about their latest accounting and finance software additions. Just as bodybuilders get oiled up and pose for their competitions, accountants write elaborate proposals on their latest technological updates and the impact on their businesses.

At Nweze Financial Solutions LLC, quality customer service is our bulging pectorals and technology is our chiseled biceps. The key to our latest gains is Intuit® ProConnect™ Tax Online. It’s far more effective than any supplement or body-building shake.

What our company loves about ProConnect Tax Online is that we can service our clients from anywhere in the world, on any computer, as long as we have a secure network and internet connection. Another feature we love is Intuit Link, allowing us to securely store, share and receive sensitive data that syncs with ProConnect Tax Online. Not only is this convenient for our clients, but it integrates smoothly into our internal processes and increases our productivity.

The dynamic pairing of ProConnect Tax Online and Link allows us to request documents and immediately start a tax return with a simple entry of the client’s email address. We have received feedback from our clients that it is simple and easy to start uploading documents from a mobile device or desktop computer.

ProConnect Tax Online is also equipped with training modules and a help center that is extremely helpful to our team. We feel we have the most flexible, user-friendly tax software on the market at our fingertips. ProConnect Tax Online has improved our firm by minimizing the time to collect client information. It has also given us the opportunity to increase quality customer service and focus on providing high-value financial consulting to new and existing clients.

In today’s environment, an accountant thrives by combining the benefits of technology with professional expertise. Implementing ProConnect Tax Online and Link has made a tremendous difference in how we conduct business. Our company is ecstatic about the value ProConnect Tax Online has added. We look forward to the many benefits of getting whipped into shape. We’ll have a six-pack in no time!

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