5G Technology
5G Technology

What is 5G and why should I care?

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After years of waiting, the first 5G network is finally here. Does this mean an end to slow download and connectivity? What exactly is 5G and what makes it any different from 4G? Do you need if you already have Wi-Fi and 4G?

Let’s explore the necessities of this wireless network and give you a reason why your firm should care about it.

 What is 5G?

5G is the new fifth-generation wireless technology designed to boost connectivity speed, provide more bandwidth for faster downloads, and lower latency or response time. It will ensure more responsive devices, and guarantee the ability to connect to more devices at once. Soon, most users will know 5G as one of the fastest wireless technologies available.

5G is expected to bring a lot of change by giving consumers access to more information faster. As a result, we are bound to see intelligent communities, the industrial Internet of Things, connected cars, and immersive education.

For example, with 5G, the automotive industry is going to change with faster deliveries and less revenue leakage. All this will rely on the 5G network. Faster networks will enable real-time data processing between automated vehicles and make self-driving cars a reality.

What you should know about 5G

So far, you might have heard of all the hype surrounding the launch of the 5G network, but more significant is what is so attractive about this network:

  • 5G supports up to 1 million devices in the space of 1km square.
  • It has a download speed of up to 1Gbps.
  • The data speed is 10 times faster than 4G.
  • It has 10X more capacity than 4G.

These figures may seem unrealistic to believe, but the truth is that they hold some water. 5G is the next big thing in the world of technology, so now let’s look at how 5G will change the way you do business.

  1. Change of business model

The 5G network brings any business new ways to improve productivity, responsiveness, and remain competitive. The network will enable a firm to stay ahead of the pack, and manage operations by powering industrial accounts receivable, accounts payable, and robotics.

If your business suffers from slow internet connectivity and peak-traffic bottlenecks, you should to shift to 5G; it cuts down the response time to 1 milliseconds compared to 4G’s 50 milliseconds.

  1. Improved employee productivity

Most businesses will have to shift to 5G for its ability to help your staff deliver instant solutions. This network can ensure faster operations in most tech companies. It enables wireless connection between all the machines and devices.

With 5G, employees will be able to download an entire HD training film, for example, in just a second, significantly reducing the waiting time so that employees will be more productive.

In most cases, employees wait for hours for large files to download, slowing operations. With better download speed, it means your employees will keep working and streaming without any interruption.

  1. Better customer service

The other side of 5G is that every firm has real-time collaboration with clients – no matter how small or large they are.

Your staff can respond to client requests instantly. The high bandwidth will also mean that you can stay connected and running, even in the most crowded places.

With 5G, you can now forget the pain of video conferencing. 5G will make it easier to call; receive calls, whether through voice-over IP or data; and solidify the data connection on your phone without interruption on download speed. You can get clearer sound for voice or video calls, and better signal for browsing the web minimal or no interruption.

You will also enjoy video conferencing with pixelation-free images and no buffering. Connecting to clients will now be easier and more engaging. While it won’t replace face-to-face meetings, 5G provides a more robust virtual meeting place.

  1. Improved remote working

You can expect the fastest speed with 5G, and will now be in a position to respond to anyone on the spot.

With many businesses coming up with policies to enable their employees to work remotely, 5G will make these policies come to life. As remote working continues to dominate our day and technology allows for it, communication among the remote team will feel more seamless.

5G will ensure businesses constant access to a faster, reliable, and convenient internet connection. Remote meeting participants will now feel as if they are in the same room, making presentations more engaging and interactive.

However, you will also have to ensure your devices are connected to an antivirus virtual private network, since there might be cybersecurity or ID theft issues, along with any other system vulnerabilities. According to a study cited in an Aura guide on how to know if your identity has been stolen, 47% of Americans experienced financial identity theft in 2020!

Therefore, keeping your devices safe should be your priority. There are a number of software alternatives to protect your identity, so make sure to review them and find the one that best fits your needs.

A whole new world

As 5G gets out of the lab into the real world, it comes with benefits to individuals and businesses. The impact of this new wireless network will have a wider impact on the global economy as it seeks to improve communication, facilitate remote working, and enable e-commerce.

Some of the prominent industries that will benefit from 5G are real estate, automotive, and healthcare. According to ABI Research, 5G will generate up to $10 trillion in revenue by 2035. There is a lot we can expect with the coming of the 5G network. It’s time you thought about shifting from 4G to 5G if you want your firm to enjoy all of the benefits.

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