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Online training

Training Translated Your Way

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What is the reason you avoid learning through training? Is it the lack of needing it? The lack of wanting it? The experience that you have in throwing yourself into new content?

At Intuit® ProConnect™, we are trying to minimize these concerns and make learning your favorite everyday activity. To give you the best way to use Intuit ProConnect Lacerte®, ProSeries® and other tax products, and offer a way for you to get trained on your schedule, we have begun building various ways to explore product capabilities and develop knowledge.

No longer is training a generic experience. One way we are doing this is through our newly designed and increasingly refreshed self-paced Training Portal. In the portal, you can access a robust, detailed set of videos and simulation-based training that allows you to refresh or gain knowledge in areas such as time-saving product features, data collection and importation, product layout, and more.

Training is delivered to you the way you want it. We no longer live in the day where something such as a TV guide dictates what to watch. Just like a streaming service, we are now able to select exactly the type of program we want from a list of any number of possible choices. An abundance of greater choices is available to all of us.

The result with the new portal is a truly personalized experience. Previously, you would have seen a drop-down arrow, which then displayed multiple videos for a section. Now, you’ll see an easy-to-navigate scrolling display to locate your desired video. You’ll see the length (most are short), as well as a rating given by other users who also viewed the video. With each rating you give, you can also leave additional comments that will be taken into consideration as we continue to update the content.


We will continue to track any of the videos you may have already viewed to help your continued learning. In addition, once you have viewed a particular video, we will prompt you with a selection of other videos we believe may be beneficial to your current learning track. This way, you can continue to learn without having to start the process all over again.


These steps are only the beginning of what we are setting in place. With our desire to learn and grow, we hope to continue building new and innovative capabilities into the portal so that your desire to learn is as strong as ours. Training no longer needs to be an unwanted requirement of your life, but rather, an experience that you can’t stop coming back to.

Just as you continue to learn and improve your knowledge, we will do the same with the training portal. Our number one goal is to give you the best experience possible!

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