networking for tax professionals
networking for tax professionals

Short and Sweet Networking Tips for Your Tax Practice

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How do you grow your tax practice, and how do you get referrals? Since networking isn’t billable, are you able to rationalize the time it takes to build business?

We asked several of our Intuit® Tax Pro Center authors for advice, and here’s what they had to say:

Gregg Bossen – Gregg S. Bossen, CPA PC

When you first meet someone at a networking event, DO NOT give them your card and begin telling what you do! It feels salesy, fake and turns people off. Instead, ask them about personal stuff – for example, “Have you been to this place before? Where are you from? What’d you think of the fish?” Friends first, then business!”

Nayo Carter-Gray, EA – 1st Step Accounting

Start a conversation with a genuine compliment. People are pretty receptive to hearing nice things about themselves, which helps jumpstart a conversation in a networking setting.

Liz Farr, CPA – Farr Communications

Follow up with the people you meet at a networking event or conference. Few do that, so you will stand out when you do.

Cassidy Jakovickas, CPA – MBS Accountancy Corporation

Too many people focus on themselves while networking. To build a following, you must focus on those around you. Like the saying goes, people don’t care what you know until they know that you care.

Andrea M. Parness, CPA, CTC A. Parness Company CPA

Attend an event with the goal to make no more than three strong new connections: professionals with a particular specialty who can be a resource and refer business to you, accountants who want to expand or consolidate their practice, and others who have a solution to one or two of your firm concerns or “pain points.”

Chris Picciurro, CPA/PFS, MBA, ARA Integrated Financial Group

Pick an industry to specialize in that is a personal interest. Work will seem like a hobby, and you will automatically have something important in common with clients.

Kessla Sloan SKYsmb

Network effectively by supporting your clients. Attend their openings, events and awards ceremonies when invited. You’ll meet like-minded people who will make similarly great clients!

What’s your best networking tip? Leave a comment below to let us know.

Scott Cytron
Scott Cytron

Written by Scott Cytron

Scott H. Cytron, ABC, is editor of the Intuit® Tax Pro Center. He brings more than 35 years' experience in accounting and financial services to the profession. An accredited consultant, Scott works with companies, organizations and individuals in professional services (medical, legal, accounting, engineering), high-tech and B2B/B2C product/service sales. Follow Scott on Twitter @scytron. More from Scott Cytron

4 responses to “Short and Sweet Networking Tips for Your Tax Practice”

  1. Hi Scott:
    These are great networking tips for tax preparations.

    Opportunity in the tax preparation industry has never been more accessible than it is today. With the Internal Income Service’s new guidelines for duty preparers that incorporate gaining an obligatory accreditation and following, to yearly proceeding with expert instruction necessities, a large number of preparers are looked with the choice of remaining in business or leaving. For the driven duty preparer, there is no better time to develop and flourish in this productive calling.

    So i want to add some more tips following are:

    1. Know Your Needs & Prepare Your Questions
    2. Join the Organization of Your Target Clients
    3. Attend Local Trade Group Meetings
    4. Join Facebook Groups for Small Businesses
    5. Research Attendees Before Networking Events
    6. Get Referrals From the Top Players in Your Industry
    7. Prepare Questions in Advance
    8. Connect With People at Your Target Organizations

    Hopefully these points are beneficial for taxpayers.