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Protection Plus frees up firm’s staff to work on tax

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When your firm serves a large number of clients, any tool that helps you continuously create high-quality experiences is invaluable.

That’s how Adrian Scurtu, CPA, found Protection Plus to add on to Intuit Lacerte® Tax. His Illinois-based firm, Manning Silverman & Company, serves 10,000 clients. Based on the depth of the staff’s experience, the firm focuses on partnering with clients to offer highly personalized services.

When Adrian found Protection Plus, he jumped at the opportunity to have experts resolve any IRS notices issued on his clients’ tax returns.

“Dealing with a large volume of clients, Protection Plus has helped free up time in resolving IRS and state notices—especially these last two years, when it has been difficult to reach the IRS,” he said.

How Protection Plus works

Reaching the IRS can be a frustrating and time-consuming experience for your firm and your clients. Large firms, like Adrian’s, can outsource that work to Protection Plus instead of spending precious time following up on routine notices and staying on hold with the IRS.

Protection Plus is simple. The CPAs and enrolled agents (EAs) who represent Protection Plus will stick with an open case for as long as it takes to resolve. It does not matter how many calls they are put on hold for or how long it takes to resolve an issue. In addition to adding the service on to Lacerte, is it also available for Intuit ProConnect™ Tax and ProSeries® Tax for just $10 per 1040 filing for the entire firm.

“Dealing with a large volume of clients, Protection Plus has helped free up time in resolving IRS and state notices—especially these last two years, when it has been difficult to reach the IRS.” – Adrian Scurtu

If a 1040 tax filing is flagged by the IRS or a state tax agency, a firm can tap into the Protection Plus team of CPAs and EAs to handle correspondence, give guidance, and resolve issues with tax forms.

“We have seen Protection Plus give good help to our clients, which has helped us have confidence in the service,” said Adrian, who has added Protection Plus for client filings since tax year 2021. “We are happy that our clients are getting the help and attention they need.”

How Protection Plus benefits your firm

Offering Protection Plus adds specialists to your team—without adding to your payroll. Adrian lets his clients know up front that they will have access to EAs and CPAs who specialize in notice resolutions.

“We put in our tax engagement letter that Protection Plus will be used for tax notices, and also let clients know of the benefits of Protection Plus for audit protection, helping with notices, and identity restoration,” he said.

Protection Plus’s identity theft services include 24/7 access to identity theft restoration advocates, credit monitoring, and fraud alerts. Adrian has found that identity protection gives his clients the support they need during a stressful situation.

“Our clients had peace of mind knowing that they had dedicated help in resolving these issues,” he said.

Beyond giving his clients peace of mind, Protection Plus has freed Adrian’s staff from responding to IRS notice resolutions.“It has saved us many hours, especially these last few years where reaching the IRS has been difficult.” 

The staff has used those hours for more meaningful work that is aligned with the firm’s strategic goals and core offerings. Instead of anxiously trying to reach government agents, Manning Silverman & Company has been able to delegate that work to Protection Plus. That gives the firm more time to deliver on the most important initiatives.

“We’ve been able to use our extra time to focus on offering better tax planning services to our clients,” Adrian said.

Provide your clients an outstanding tax experience

Protection Plus offers peace of mind on returns for clients while giving your firm valuable time to focus on impactful work. If you’d like to learn more about adding Protection Plus, schedule a 15-minute consultation with the Intuit team.

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