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My favorite tool for tax year 2019

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Now that the July 15 tax filing deadline has passed, it’s a good time to pause and think about what worked for your tax firm. How about the tools you used this season? We asked several authors on the Intuit® Tax Pro Center for their feedback.

Cassidy Jakovickas, CPA MBS Accountancy

We loved using Loom to create a video review of a client’s tax return to summarize where they stood, and to call attention to specific areas we wanted them to look at. We all know clients don’t review their return as thoroughly as they should; Loom is an efficient way to make sure the client understands their return.

Andrea Parness, CPA, CTCA. Parness Company

Clear communication was my top tool for tax season, every year and all year long. Having several ways for us to show and tell our clients about their particular tax or business situation is key to creating and maintaining a great relationship and encouraging collaboration. This tax season, with so much changing guidance and news about tax law and stimulus packages, we focused more on communication via video chats, with screen sharing, blog posts, and email blasts – with and without video. In addition, we made quick telephone calls and sent texts to make sure our clients felt secure and informed.

For those who were not tech savvy and only comfortable dropping off information, we waved and smiled through a closed glass door, and followed up with a telephone visit to check in on them. Communication: If we do it well, our clients and our firm members benefit.

Christopher J. Picciurro, CPA/PFS, MBA, ARAIntegrated Financial Group

What came to mind was Canopy Tax for practice management, and Loom to create a COVID-19 resource center for our clients and the community. However, my best tax tool for this crazy tax year were my running shoes. With stay-at-home orders and other challenges we faced, staying consistent with running and being outside provided me with the mental clarity to takes things one day at a time. We were forced to pivot and digest the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act during our profession’s highest work compression time; exercising helped my mind and body become a better CPA.

What were some of your favorite tools? Leave a comment below to share your recommendations with others.

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