Intuit® ProConnect™ Tax sets newly merged firm on path to growth during a challenging first year

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Leppert LogoThe year was 2020, so everything was smooth sailing as three accounting firms merged on January 1 to form the Leppert Group.

Wait, hit the brakes! It was 2020, so nothing was easy. But despite the challenges, Leppert Group persevered and grew.

The COVID-19 pandemic formed the backdrop for the first year of business for this New Jersey-based firm, offering comprehensive tax compliance and planning, financial statement preparation, accounting, bookkeeping, and advisory services to serve small businesses across the country. As the newly merged firm faced the challenges that defined 2020, the partners had big decisions to make about how to integrate and serve their clients.

They weighed their options regarding which tax software would be the best one to serve their firm, as well as provide added value to their clients. Although several of the firm partners had previously used other software, what Leppert Group really needed was something customizable, with secure information-sharing and an eSignature integration. However, the deciding factor was whether the tax product could work seamlessly with QuickBooks® Online, something critical for the firm’s small business clients.

Tax product requirements: 

✅ Customizable

✅ Cloud-based

✅ Secure way to collect tax information and other sensitive data, such as Intuit® Link

✅ eSignature integration

✅ Seamless integration with QuickBooks Online

The solution was clear: Intuit ProConnect™ Tax.

How Leppert Group transitioned to ProConnect Tax in its first year

In their first year of business together, the partners launched ProConnect Tax to build their business and collaborate with clients.

Coming from different systems, there were natural growing pains for the team. David Richards, CPA, one of the firm’s partners, is no stranger to transitioning from one tax product to another; he’s converted platforms several times.

“The beauty of the integration of QuickBooks Online with ProConnect Tax is that once you are proficient enough to map your QuickBooks Online software correctly, it will auto populate your trial balance directly into your client’s tax return with the click of a button,” said Richards.

After hands-on learning and experience with ProConnect Tax, he is confident with the payoff. 

“We at Leppert Group have had the opportunity to work with Intuit and the ProConnect Tax product development group, and are looking forward to reaping the benefits during tax season for ourselves and our clients.”

Discovering more benefits leads to productivity

While the firm worked through the software conversion, the partners, as well as the entire tax department, quickly discovered more benefits of ProConnect Tax that they fell in love with, including the way Intuit Link facilitates a truly secure collaboration with their clients. They also discovered the ease of the in-product e-filing process, delivery of the final tax return to their clients, and the advantages of working in a cloud-based software environment.

“We market ourselves throughout the U.S. as a firm that will provide innovative solutions for our clients; using ProConnect Tax provides us with a seamless workflow— a win win for all.”

In fact, it’s a priority for Leppert Group to encourage clients to save time and spend their energy on running their businesses, instead of spending time with in-person appointments. The firm prioritizes a high-quality online experience while keeping the personal touch—and ProConnect Tax facilitates that virtual relationship.

Offering services and products in a fully virtual format has opened the doors to growth. Today, the firm supports more than 200 businesses and 500 individuals in 30+ states. With a smart, digital-first cloud product such as ProConnect Tax, Leppert Group is even closer to its ambitious goal of serving business in all 50 states without being limited to a geographical area or region.

At a glance

Firm: Leppert Group, LLC

Location: Sandyston, NJ

Size of firm: 18 employees

Niche focus: Small- to medium-size businesses, with a focus on providing a value-added fixed price menu of services, from their fundamentals package to a tailored array of services geared to impact not only the bottom line, but to provide value to their clients’ overall business.

Intuit software: Intuit ProConnect Tax, QuickBooks Online, Intuit Link, eSignature

Ensure you’re always delivering the best for your clients and discover why Intuit ProConnect Tax is the #1 online professional tax software.* Try it free at — no credit card required to get started — or call us at 844-779-1133 for a fast, free consultation.

*Based on Intuit internal data of the number of paid users of ProConnect for tax year 2020 compared to publicly available statements from competitors for the same time period.

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