technology can aid growth
technology can aid growth

Improve your tax firm’s efficiency with these practice management programs and apps

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Every tax pro’s practice is different, yet we all share one thing in common: We want to increase our efficiency as much as possible so we can spend more time working with our clients and helping them succeed. This process starts with selecting practice management programs and apps that enhance your firm. Here are five programs and apps for consideration.

Karbon: Simple Practice Management

In our practice, there are a lot of tasks to manage, including emails, client requests and work projects. I handle 90 percent of my practice in Karbon because it allows me to manage everything in one place, and highly recommend implementing Karbon into your practice fo these three reasons:

  1. All client communication is tracked, archived and assignable.
  2. No more chasing clients for information; instead, I let Karbon do it with automated email reminders.
  3. Everything is searchable by contact, email, work, keywords and other information.

I’ve been a Karbon user for three years and don’t see myself going anywhere soon. The best news is that Intuit® ProConnect™ recently announced that it is partnering with Karbon to provide Intuit Practice Management, an integrated solution for Intuit ProConnect Tax Online and Lacerte® customers. Learn more about Intuit Practice Management.

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ScheduleOnce: Automated Appointments

I suggest you use a booking app to manage your time. Stop answering phone calls just to book an appointment; you’re not a receptionist. How will you ever get any work completed? I implemented ScheduleOnce to manage all my meetings and appointments, and the learning curve was minimal.

When a prospect or client wants to request a meeting, I quickly refer them to the booking link on my website. This allows them to choose the best time that works for both of us. Don’t worry about automatic bookings. You can set up ScheduleOnce so that all bookings have to be approved by you before they are placed on your calendar. ScheduleOnce also integrates with:

  1. Zoom: When client book on ScheduleOnce, they automatically get a calendar invite with the link to the Zoom meeting.
  2. Infusionsoft: When client book on ScheduleOnce, they are immediately tagged and placed in Infusionsoft, my customer relationship management program.
  3. Gmail: You can send your email recipient a link to your booking page directly from Gmail without having to go into the ScheduleOnce website to get the link.

ScheduleOnce is a must if you want to get more work done and spend less time coordinating meetings with clients.

GoProposal: Automate Custom Proposals and Engagement Letter Creation

I remember finding it taxing to develop custom proposals for prospects; there had to be a better way. That’s when I discovered GoProposal, allowing me to create a custom proposal for prospects in less than three minutes, literally!

Now, I send the proposals and letter of engagement instantly to the client for e-signature and payment. The icing on the cake is that GoProposal integrates with Karbon as well. I no longer double enter client information into my project management system. This is an immediate game changer for client recruitment; I am able to give an immediate quote instead of it taking three days to write a proposal.

Loom: Record Videos to Share With Clients and Staff

We all have clients who ask us the same question several times throughout the year, every year. Are you tired of sounding like a broken record? I was, so I had to find a solution to my dilemma. What if I could record my answer to my clients’ questions and give them access to review my answer throughout the year. That’s when I discovered Loom. Loom allows you to simultaneously record your screen and a video. This is how I use Loom:

  • I record an answer to a question and send my client the video link.
  • I review their tax return and send the video link.
  • I show them how to complete their W-9 and send them the video link.

I’m sure you get the point. There are endless ways to use Loom so that you gain back more of your valuable time. Stop answering or explaining the same thing to 50 clients 50 times. Instead, answer or explain it once and let them click the link 50 times.

Rerun: Draft Money From Your Client’s Account Automatically

I was a bill collector for my practice and it almost put me out of business. Being an accountant and a bill collector just doesn’t work. In the early days, doing both created huge cash flow problems in my practice. I now use Rerun to collect payments for me.

Rerun allows me to send a link to a client that prompts them to create a username and password. Once they log in, they can enter their payment information so it’s kept on file. Rerun then processes the payment automatically based on the agreed terms with the client. Best of all, you never have to send an invoice again. Our clients are small business owners, and sometimes they are just get too busy to sit down and pay us.

What Are Your Best Practice Suggestions?

What are you using in your firm? I’d love to hear your suggestions, so share a comment below.

However, no matter which apps and programs you’re using, keep in mind you have to find the solutions that are a good fit for you and your needs. Keep at it! In no time you’ll be much more efficient.

Editor’s note: Timothy serves on the Intuit ProConnect Tax Customer Council. Find out more about him and his practice in this profile.

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