technology for tax professionals
technology for tax professionals

Checklist to Evaluate New Technologies

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Implementing new technology for your tax firm can be an extremely exciting project. However, without proper planning and due diligence, new technology initiatives often stall before they get off the ground, don’t result in the outcomes desired or simply fail.

A great way to stack the cards in favor for success is to use a checklist to keep focused on the desired outcomes and guide you in your research. Here is a PDF checklist you can download and save that will help set your goals, evaluate your options and make a selection that will meet your organization’s needs.

Not every organization or technical solution is the same. As you work through the checklist, keep in mind some items will be N/A and you will need to add some additional items. Be sure to adjust the checklist to fit the project and your company’s needs. If you run through the list and have all N/As, you may want to reconsider the project. Good luck!

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