Terry DeMonbrun
Terry DeMonbrun

Meet the Difference Makers: Terry DeMonbrun

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It’s a fairly common perception that New York City professionals in finance and publishing live the high life, awash in money and status. It’s not quite, however, the reality for Certified Financial Planner Terry DeMonbrun and her client Karen, a self-employed book designer.

Theirs is a simple, modest story: a big-hearted person helping out someone in need.

And, it’s one of the reasons why Terry’s entry is a prize-winner in this year’s Meet the Difference Makers contest, called the Return-a-Day Giveaway.

“My client, Karen, is a self-employed book designer who loves her work,” begins Terry. “Unfortunately, the publishing industry is changing.”

“Karen had lost her job in a publishing house. That was around 2009, right about when I started to do taxes, and she came to me as a tax client for her freelance business.”

“She knows about book design, but little about taxes or financing,” continues Terry. “I explained to her, as a freelancer, what she can deduct, how to track income, estimated tax payments, and how to save for retirement.”

“I spend more time with Karen compared to other clients,” says Terry. “Maybe, it’s because she’s become a good friend. But, then again, I give a lot of time to all my clients.”

The sole proprietor tax pro pauses. “Many of my clients don’t make a lot of money, so I don’t charge as much as other tax professionals. I keep my expenses low, I work from home, and I am older and more financially stable, so I need less income. It’s not the best way to run a business, but it works for me.” 

How does Terry think the time she devotes and the lower rate she charges is making a difference in Karen’s life, specifically? “She’s always really appreciative,” says Terry. “I think that I help her feel confident about her finances, so that she can concentrate on her craft.”

And, Terry also derives psychic income from working with her book-designing client: “I admire Karen’s commitment to her art, her work ethic and optimistic attitude. As for her taxes, she is organized, prompt and wants to do the right thing. Karen is the type of client every tax preparer likes to have!”

As a cost-conscious tax pro who, herself, appreciates efficiency, it’s not surprising what Terry succinctly conveys about working with Intuit® ProConnect™ Tax Online: “It’s reasonably priced. And, every year, they make it better.”

Final words? Terry says, “Financial matters and taxes are so complicated these days. People get anxious because they just don’t know. I’m doing my part to help them.”

And, clients like Karen truly appreciate it.

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