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“If you give from your heart, I’m going to give from mine,” said Intuit® Difference Maker Bill Barchilon about his motivation to assist two non-profit organizations in the drug rehabilitation field.

The small non-profits were in desperate need of professional tax services.

“They were having problems finding a CPA who would work with them at reasonable rates,” wrote Bill in his winning submission to our Meet the Difference Makers Contest. “These particular non-profits are close to my heart, as I have had family members who had succumbed to such addictions and found themselves homeless and without resources.”

A veteran of the tax profession for 30 years, Bill serves some 300 clients in his one-man practice based in Mesa. The majority of his clients are individuals seeking tax return preparation, but Bill’s natural helpfulness means he’s open to assisting people any way he can.

The non-profits, New Day Recovery Center in New Day Recovery Center in Mesa and the Phoenix-based Deep Within, don’t have big budgets, but they routinely have a big impact on people’s lives.

“I understand the struggle that people go through, so I appreciate the efforts of these nonprofits and their reason for being,” Bill added. “They help strangers. They are helping people who are at the end of their rope.”

Both New Day and Deep Within bring addicts into group homes, treat them with a workable 12-step program, and provide jobs and job training.

“When deciding to enter the contest by sharing a story, it was clear as day that these were the organizations to talk about,” Bill recalled. “Their success has helped thousands of addicts resume a full, productive life. I am so happy I was able to provide them with the needed accounting and tax work at a rate which, although only covering my costs, gave me a return on my investment that has been unmatched.”

Bill became involved with New Day several years ago when the organization was starting out. He helped build a solid foundation and ensured that all accounting practices were IRS-compliant. He made a different kind of a difference with Deep Within, when he guided the organization through a challenging tax audit.

During his long and varied career, Bill started out as an economist, taught at Arizona State University and later worked on Wall Street. While employed at a real estate development company, he started helping with taxes and accounting, and eventually went back to school for his CPA designation.

Although his story is a wonderful example of the profound difference that tax professionals can make, Bill prefers that the beneficiaries of his goodwill receive most of the attention.

“I downplay most everything I do,” Bill explained. “To me, that’s no big deal, but for my family and the non-profits I work with, it’s important that they get the support and attention.”

While Bill appreciates the paid advertising for his practice and the other prizes included in the contest grand prize package, the selfless part of him would rather donate the advertising budget to the nonprofits that he assists.

This devoted Intuit Difference Maker also hopes that his story will inspire others in the tax profession, and beyond, to make a difference in their own way.

“Other companies and associations are doing the right thing,” said Bill. “I hope more do too.”

Editor’s note: It’s not too late to enter Intuit’s Meet the Difference Makers Contest. Click here for more information.

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