Renee Daggett, EA
Renee Daggett, EA

Renee Daggett, EA

Renee Daggett, EA, is CEO of AdminBooks. Renee is an Advanced QuickBooks® Online Consultant with Intuit and is a member of the Intuit® Trainer/Writer Network. She has corporate financial management experience dating back to 1995, and is passionate about equipping business owners with the tools they need to run their business simply and efficiently. Her firm earned Intuit’s prestigious worldwide award, “Top 15 Firm of the Future.” AdminBooks has transitioned 100% of their bookkeeping clients to QuickBooks Online and converted their tax clients to a paperless cloud system. Renee is also the author of “Your Financial Flight Plan: Pilot Your Business to Profitability.” In her book, she demonstrates in a creative way the reasons why every business owner needs to be a better manager of their business. Born and raised in California and happily married since 1990, she is the mother of two sons, lives her life with purpose and thrives on helping her clients do so as well.

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