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Splitting a Married Filing Jointly (MFJ) return in ProSeries Professional

by Intuit Updated 8 months ago

Before you start:

  • ProSeries Basic doesn't have the ability to split an MFJ return. .
  • TSJ indicators should be assigned to the entered data. See Using the TSJ Indicators for more information.

To split the MFJ return in ProSeries Professional:

  1. Open the Married Filing Jointly return.
  2. Complete both the federal and state return using the TSJ indicators.
  3. Press F6 to bring up Open Forms.
  4. Type MFJ and press Enter to open the MFJ vs MFS Comparision Worksheet.
  5. Check the Check this box to calculate form checkbox.
  6. Select the Help button to read how ProSeries assigns data to the taxpayer and the spouse. If appropriate, adjust the TSJ indicators in the client's MFJ return so it is as detailed as possible.
  7. From the File menu, select Split MFJ Return.
  8. If you get a warning for No MFJ Allocation for Spouse review your TSJ indicators in the return or select OK to continue without reviewing them.
  9. By default, ProSeries will create two new data files, one for the taxpayer and one for the spouse. Here you have a chance to create custom File Names for those returns, or use the default naming structure.
    • If you don't need tax returns for both the taxpayer and the spouse, use the checkboxes to de-select the copy you don't need.
  10. Select OK to continue.
  11. Select Close once you have reviewed the log.
  12. A warning will appear reminding you to review the tax returns before filing them. Select OK.
  13. You'll now have three client files for the clients.
    • A MFJ return.
    • A MFS return for the taxpayer.
    • A MFS return for the spouse.
  14. If the spouse has a different last name the HomeBase will sort the returns alphabetically with all the other returns.
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