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Troubleshooting Lacerte diagnostic ref. 10154 - Schedule A adjustments must be allocated

by Intuit Updated 8 months ago

The following diagnostic is generating in the Individual module of Lacerte:

  • To calculate the Ohio nonresident / part-year resident credit the Schedule A adjustments must be allocated to the income not earned or received in Ohio. Use the "Schedule A additions or subtractions" fields, codes 50 and 51 and 90 and 91, in screen 50.121  State Income to allocate the adjustments. (ref. #10154)

This diagnostic generates when amounts appear on OH Form IT A, Schedule A. The amounts will also go to the IT NRC, page 3, Ohio Schedule A additions or subtractions. You may need to manually enter the amount in the Ohio column.

Follow these steps to resolve this diagnostic:

  1. Go to Screen 50, Income.
  2. Select Ohio Business Income Allocation and Apportionment from the left navigation panel.
  3. Select the blue Nonbusiness Income link in the left navigation menu under Business Activity.
  4. Enter any adjustments in the Net additions from Ohio Schedule A or Net deductions from Ohio Schedule A fields.

The additions and deductions you enter will flow to the IT NRC and be used to calculate the nonresident portion of your client’s Ohio adjusted gross income. If none of the Ohio Schedule A adjustments are attributable to income that was earned or received in Ohio, no entry is needed. This diagnostic is for informational purposes only, and will continue to generate after entries are made.

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