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How to resolve ProConnect Tax diagnostic ref. #3393

by ProConnect Tax Online Updated 7 months ago

This article will help you resolve the following diagnostic for a PA part-year/nonresident taxpayer:

"Nonresident income may need to be entered for Schedule SP, line 6. This program does not compute this amount automatically." (ref. #3393)

To resolve this diagnostic

The diagnostic triggers when the taxpayer may be eligible for the Special Tax Forgiveness Credit.

  • ProConnect Tax will automatically complete Part C, Line 1
  • Schedule SP, Part C, Line 6 must be completed manually for a nonresident

To complete PA Schedule SP, Part C, Line 6

  1. From the Input Return tab, go to State and Local  Other Credits  PA Credits. 
  2. Locate the Schedule SP section.
  3. Enter the Nonresident income. See the instructions below for what amount should be entered.
  4. If filing a MFS return, enter amounts under the applicable Taxpayer or Spouse column.

Part-year residents and nonresidents must enter an amount in the Nonresident income line.

  • Enter the total of ALL income, not already reported on this schedule, that you (and your spouse, if applicable) earned, received, and realized while residing outside PA.
    • Include any amount exempted from taxation under the Military Spouses Residency Relief Act (see Page 37 for additional information).
    • If you are a part-year resident or nonresident and you file a paper copy of your PA-40 return, you must also include a copy of page 1 of your federal income tax return.
  • Taxpayers must meet all the eligibility requirements.
  • Such taxpayers must include in their eligibility income all income as described whether earned within or outside Pennsylvania.
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