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Common questions about Massachusetts Schedule R/NR in Lacerte

by Lacerte Tax 2023 Updated 9 months ago

How to generate Massachusetts Schedule R/NR

The taxpayer moved into or out of Massachusetts during the year but has Massachusetts income during both periods.  How can the Schedule R/NR be generated and how do the inputs work?

To generate the Schedule R/NR:

  1. Go to Screen 55, Part-Yr./Nonres. Information
  2. Select Massachusetts from the left navigation panel
  3. Under the Massachusetts Part-Year/Nonresident section, check the box Filing both as nonresident and part-year resident.

How the Schedule R/NR inputs work:

When you enter a number in the Massachusetts Schedule R/NR (Part-year Residents Only) section it will:

  1. Subtract that amount from Column B of the Schedule R/NR
  2. Add that amount to Column C and Column D of the Schedule R/NR

This means that when entering amounts in the program, all Massachusetts income (whether resident or non-resident) should be entered in and sourced to MA. The entries on this screen are to indicate how much of the Massachusetts income was earned while a non-resident

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