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Common questions about Massachusetts Schedule R/NR in ProConnect Tax

by ProConnect Tax Online Updated 4 months ago

How to generate Massachusetts Schedule R/NR

The taxpayer moved into or out of Massachusetts during the year but has Massachusetts income during both periods.  How can the Schedule R/NR be generated and how do the inputs work?

To generate the Schedule R/NR:

  1. Go to Input Return State & Local MA Part-Yr./Nonres. Information
  2. Select Massachusetts from the left navigation panel
  3. Under the Period of Residency During 2023 section add the dates of MA residency.
  4. Check the Filing both as nonresident and part-year resident checkbox.

How the Schedule R/NR inputs work:

When you enter a number in the Massachusetts Schedule R/NR (Part-year Residents Only) section it will:

  1. Subtract that amount from Column B of the Schedule R/NR
  2. Add that amount to Column C and Column D of the Schedule R/NR

This means that when entering amounts in the program, all Massachusetts income (whether resident or non-resident) should be entered in and sourced to MA. The entries on this screen are to indicate how much of the Massachusetts income was earned while a non-resident

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