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Common questions about California amended individual returns (Form 540X) in Lacerte

by Lacerte Tax 2022 Updated 11 months ago

Below, you'll find answers to frequently asked questions about amending a California individual return (Form 540X):

How do you amend a California individual return?

  1. In Detail, go to Screen 59, Amended Return (1040-X).
  2. In the section Return(s) to Amend, select the Federal/state return(s) to amend (Ctrl+T) (MANDATORY) dropdown menu.
  3. Select the box labeled California.
  4. Select OK.
  5. In the Information pop-up window, select OK. Pop-up in Lacerte confirming that the amounts reported on Form 1040 will be transferred to CA As Originally Reported fields for an amended return.
  6. Under the Amended panel, select California (Sch X).
  7. Enter all applicable information in the following fields on the Schedule X:
    • Overpaid tax on original return (code 1)
    • Tax paid with original return (code 2)
    • Penalties (code 3)
    • Interest (code 4)
  8. Make changes in the appropriate screens to show the amended changes.

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