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How to create a DE-9 and DE9C for the CA unemployment agency in EasyACCT

by Intuit EasyACCT 2023 Updated 7 months ago

This article will explain how to create the electronic file for transmitting a DE 9 and DE 9C to the California State Unemployment Agency:

Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Write-Up or Batch Payroll.
  2. Select Print Reports > Tax Reports > Special SUTA Reports > CA.
  3. Select Print or use Alt-P > Begin Printing from Printing Options.
  4. Complete the fields, as applicable, for the California Forms DE 9 and DE 9C. Look for:
    • DI wage limit
    • DI rate
    • ETT rate
    • Quarter and year
  5. If payroll was processed in the quarter, it should fill in the amounts automatically on lines C-J.
    • If no amounts show, reprint payroll journal entries for each month in the quarter.
    • Review the Codes box to verify SDI and C1 in the first column.
    • Review the Employees box under the Codes box and verify each Wage Plan Code for every employee.
      • EasyACCT doesn't automatically add Wage Plan codes; it must be done manually.
      • CA will reject employees without the mandatory Wage Plan codes, subject to a $20 fine per employee without the code.
      • Select Create EF or use Alt+E.
  6. Go to the DE 9 CA SUTA Electronic Filing Option screen.
    • Separate electronic files are created for the DE 9 and DE 9C.
    • You should select DE 9 first, then create a DE 9C.
      • Form DE 9 creates a file named
        • ZZ is Quarter, YY is Year and XXX is Company ID.
      • Form DE 9C (continuation page) creates a file named
        • ZZ is Quarter, YY is Year and XXX is Company ID.
          • The State of California requires a filename extension of .zip. The zipped file contains .xml files.
  7. Select Continue or use Alt+C.
  8. In Electronic File Creation, note the destination location and filename.
    • An EF folder will be created as a sub folder of your company data path.
      • For example: If your data is in C:\EASYW\DATA, then you'll now have C:\EASYW\DATA\EF for the CA-DE9 and DE9C Efiles.
    • Use the default or browse to a new location to save the file.
  9. Select OK or use Alt+O to create the file.

After creating the file, you can proceed to California State Employment Development Department website to upload and transmit the file.

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